iPad, iPhone and LiquidMetal, few more rumors in this week’s Rumorsfera


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iPad, iPhone and LiquidMetal, few more rumors in this week’s Rumorsfera
iPad, iPhone and LiquidMetal, few more rumors in this week’s Rumorsfera


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We are now entering the last week of November, and are facing the last month of the year . Christmas is just around the corner and in the Anglo-Saxon market we can already see how they are preparing for the last Friday of November, the BlackFriday. We already have the iPad mini retina available, it is now possible to make reservations for it and pick it up at the store (at least in the North American market) and Apple has its key products ready.

We will see how sales behave during these dates, especially of the two iPad models and the iPhone 5s and 5c. Of the second one there are no stock problems, of the first one it seems that they begin to normalize little by little their stock and the waiting time seems to be less. And so we have little left to end the year, as far as Apple news is concerned we have little more left apart from the final launch of the new Mac Pro waiting.

But let’s see if the rumor around the Apple world is still alive… And something seems to be.

  • Still enjoying your new iPhone? You don’t think Apple has rested on its laurels… It’s currently engaged in the development of the next generation iPhone. There will have to be a replacement for the iPhone 5s and 5c, and the first rumors are talking about curved-screen devices with sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Let’s remember for example that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch screen.
  • The iPad is also still in use… With the iPad’s current thinning, called Air, perhaps the idea of a larger-screen iPad makes more sense. And some Apple screen suppliers are talking about a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Rumors are of early 2014, as they did last year for the iPad mini retina, which would be introduced in early 2013. I do believe that the iPad Pro will arrive, but in the usual iPad presentation schedule.
  • Apple continues to do research on “LiquidMetal” or “Vitreloy” and is doing so intensively. There are patents that prove this idea and it is more than likely that all the effort is being focused directly on the iPhone and iPad. So it will be possible to make other kinds of shapes on this device, as this kind of amorphous metal alloys allow it. We will see what new features Apple has in mind, although it will not be something we will see immediately.

Little else has moved in the rumorology this week , which is totally logical… We are waiting for the Mac Pro to be launched and if it will come with any surprises under its arm. No iWatch, no Apple TV… We’ll see how it will take advantage of Apple’s recent purchase of PrimeSense, and if it will introduce some kind of sensor that allows us to interact with our TV.

See you next week, and have a good Black Friday.

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