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iPad, iPad mini and Nexus 7, who can take more?

El iPad, el Nexus 7 y el iPad mini se enfrentan a caídas y al agua, ¿cuál es más resistente?

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iPad, iPad mini and Nexus 7, who can take more?iPad, iPad mini and Nexus 7, who can take more?

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When a new gadget comes on the market, after iFixit takes it apart, it’s the turn of others to test it for drops or to dip it in water. The iPad mini was going to be no less, so the guys at SquareTrade got down to business and prepared the same tests for the 9.7-inch iPad and the Nexus 7.

Now that the three tablets that are causing the most excitement are available, the guys at SquareTrade have taken the courage to get a few units of each tablet and put them through some drop tests from different heights and into the water to see who can survive .

Three tests have been carried out, where in the fall tests they used a special tripod from which they dropped the tablets at the same time from exactly the same height. In the first test, they were dropped from a height of 1.2 metres and dropped from the corners . In the second test, they were dropped to the ground at the same height but on a plate, with the screen face down ; finally, they were placed in a bowl full of water for ten seconds.

In the first test, the iPad mini is the one that comes out best, suffering some small bruises on the case, but the glass is still intact. In the Nexus 7 the glass breaks slightly in one of the corners, and the 9.7-inch iPad is quite damaged on its screen, showing that its high weight compared to the other competitors takes its toll when seen with the forces of gravity.

When the screens fall upside down, the damage is generally much greater, leaving the Nexus 7 in a better place than the rest. The glass of the iPad breaks.

Finally, the tablets are placed in a bowl filled with water for ten seconds. After that they are immediately taken out to see if they have died or are still usable . The iPad mini responds without any problems, the iPad is slow to respond and the Home Button does not respond well. The Nexus 7 directly turns off and is out of action.

The iPad mini, shows that even though it is the smallest Apple , it is the most responsive to abuse . Its construction makes the rest of the world aware of it. Then we wonder why Apple products are so expensive; here is the answer.

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