iPad games controlled by iPhone (I)

There is no doubt that the iPad is a great device for gaming, just like the iPhone. However, there are very few iPad games that can be controlled from the iPhone .

The small size of the Apple smartphone is ideal for keeping the controls close at hand, while the fabulous tablet screen would allow you to view the action without having your fingers on it .

iPad games controlled by iPhone (I)
iPad games controlled by iPhone (I)

These are some of the games for the apple tablets we can control with iPhone:

Fifa Soccer 12

The best football game for iPad, with lots of teams from the world’s top leagues. Good graphics and a control adapted to touch devices. In addition to playing games, you can take care of all aspects of managing your favourite team.

Don’t forget to install the EA SPORTS Gamepad if you want to control it from your iPhone. But it seems that it only works when you play two people on the same iPad, one against the other.


Scrabble is the typical game of connecting letters on a board to build words. Using your iPhone as an additional controller, you can use your iPad as a regular board and have your letters on your smartphone, safe from the view of others.


It was the first game to use this connection between devices. It has a retro interface and graphics, which makes many users back down after a few minutes of playing. An easy and direct racing game, but without much depth.

Chopper 2

A game of helicopter gunships, with good graphics and lots of missions. We’ll travel through twelve scenarios, transporting the bomb squad wherever they’re needed. In addition to the game, you must get the iPhone controller app, which is available for free on the App Store.

Infinity Field HD

A game where we must finish off the enemies, embodied by geometric shapes. A simple but addictive arcade for those dead times when we want to discharge adrenaline. Don’t forget to download the Joypad Game Controller for iPhone, which allows you to manage more than 50 iPad games from your phone.

Do you know of any other games that allow this form of handling?

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