iPad Christmas Shopping Guide (I)

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Christmas is coming. Those dates for business meetings, friends, family. Dates to enjoy, to eat, to drink and, why not, to rest. In addition to this, Christmas is also the time for shopping , either to give to oneself or to others.

iPad Christmas Shopping Guide (I)
iPad Christmas Shopping Guide (I)

Many people hate these dates because they have to rack their brains looking for ideas to know what to give away . We are very creative and therefore want to help you with this complicated issue. Obviously, all gifts depend on budgets, tastes and needs, but among all the options we propose, some will surely catch your attention.

If you don’t have an iPad or think someone close to you should have one, this is a very good option. Whether it’s an iPad Air or a Mini model, they’ll all meet the wishes and needs of those who receive them as gifts. As Tim Cook said, ” this will be the Christmas of the iPad “. If you already have it or know someone who does, you’ll surely find a good idea to give it to them in this shopping guide we’ve prepared for you.

Looking for gifts for someone with an iPad or iPad Mini? Here are some ideas

Apple iPad Cases

For the more classic, Apple covers are always a safe bet. Smart Covers or Smart Cases are perfectly suited to protecting our precious device and do not make it fat or unattractive. Besides this, they are really useful and once you try them you can’t live without them.

Speck Holder for Children

No matter how much we adults use them, the ones who enjoy mobile devices the most are children, and increasingly at a younger age! Because of this, and because they obviously take less care than we do, the Speck case is a perfect gift for those who have to share their iPad with the little ones. It is very resistant, easy to hold and can act as a support while watching a movie. A great gift.

Griffin Survivor Case

As Apple showed us in their new “Life on iPad” campaigns, the uses to which their tablet is put are extremely varied, sometimes even being used in places where its integrity may be at risk. To prevent this from happening, Griffin has designed a heavy-duty polycarbonate case that will make your iPad missile-proof. If you’re not worried about how it looks or how thick it is, this case will save you from getting more than a few scares from time to time.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

The iPad has been one of the bloodiest killers in history. Let me explain: he alone has been able to finish off all the existing models of the promising n etbooks on the market. But Cupertino’s tablet needs a keyboard to be used as a personal computer for taking notes, writing and so on. That’s why the Logitech keyboard is perfect if you need to perform these functions and don’t want to lose the excellent portability of the Mini. With the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, we’ll get a perfectly assembled set that will remind us of the extinct netbooks with their shell shape.

Belkin Kitchen Stand

It’s a perfect gift for the most cooks or, why not, for the most geeks in the kitchen. When we get recipes from the iPad, whether from the Internet or from any application, we always have to put it on the counter, with the respective annoyance that it entails. Therefore, Belkin’s solution is very useful since it hangs the device from any cabinet, putting our recipe book at eye level and gaining space on the always insufficient worktops.

McQueen Lightning AppMATs

This gift will delight the little ones at home. These are interactive toys that will transform our iPad into a virtual playing surface. The future is already here, goodbye to stroller carpets, scalextric and so on. Now the toys connect to our devices and through apps they make playing with them a lot of fun.

iCade ION for iPad

It is clear that it is not only children who play, but also the older ones. This gift is for all of them, it’s an accessory that will make our iPad an arcade machine of the 90s. After downloading it from the App Store, we can enjoy Pacman, Asteroids and up to 500 different games. The controls are quite good and it looks great with our device.

Jawbone Jambox Wireless

We have put up gifts for cooks, players, students, children and more profiles, but we could not forget the music lovers. On the iPad, whether through iTunes or any music service, we can count on a huge music base, but its speakers are not the best in the world. If you want to listen to music with good sound quality and without being tied to any wires, this gift is for you. With the Jawbone speaker you can connect it to your device via Bluetooth and play up to 15 hours of continuous music without worrying about any wires.

Logitech Wireless Adapter

Music lovers don’t have to be rich, and since we want possibilities for all budgets, we want to offer you an alternative. If you already have any sound system but it’s a bit old-fashioned, with this product you can upgrade it and give it Bluetooth for very little money. You only need to connect it to your computer, link it and put all your music on the iPad to play. It’s a must-have product for those who don’t always have the latest technology in all areas.

Speck cushion with shell

This gift is aimed at the most homely. If you like to read, watch movies, series or any content under the heat of your home, you will appreciate that someone gives you this gift. It’s a case with a cushion so you can keep your iPad in the position you want and keep your hands warm under the blanket. It seems silly until you have it at home, when you can’t live without it anymore.

Tactile Gloves Mujjo

Speaking of hands, unless you’re from Australia, South America or Africa at Christmas it’s cold, very cold, and sometimes makes using our devices on the street a real pain. With these capacitive gloves we will no longer have cold hands while using our touch devices. This is a useful gift for everyone, especially if you’re cold and can’t get rid of your iPad, iPhone or other touch-screen device that works with your fingertips.

There are certainly a thousand other possibilities for gifts for iPad users . Backpacks, bags, cases, screen savers and other gadgets will be well received by those who find them under the wrapping, so if these gifts don’t convince you just stop and think about it and you’ll find many more possibilities.

Finally, as always when we make items of this type, we ask for your help if you think there is a gift that should be here. We also ask you to tell us if you have ever given a gift of this kind and have succeeded more than Coca Cola in the summer. All your comments are welcome.

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