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iPad apps to help you get back to school

Back to school is getting closer. Luckily for us, the iPad is an excellent device, not only for studying, but also for attending classes. From storing important files, to learning math and chemistry, to writing, taking notes, and much more, you can do it with the extensive catalogue of iPad apps you can find on the App Store. From iPadizate we want to show you the best apps for education .


Before we start with the specific applications for education, we must name the ubiquitous Dropbox. As we already know, since we have talked about this app in countless occasions, Dropbox is a cloud file storage system . With Dropbox you can have all the files you need available at the moment and be able to access them from any device with an internet connection. The free account has a storage of 2 GB, enough for any student. Dropbox cannot be missing from any iPad.

iStudiez Pro

iPad apps to help you get back to school
iPad apps to help you get back to school

iStudiez is a perfect iPad app for keeping track of your class schedule, due dates, homework, and more. When an important date approaches, iStudiez will send you notifications to let you know. iStudiez will help you stay organized throughout the school year.

If you want to try iStudiez, a free version is available that limits the management to 1 semester, 3 courses, 5 classes per course, 7 subjects, 5 teachers and 2 vacation periods. If you like it, the unlimited version costs, only, 0.79 euros.

Khan Academy

With Khan Academy you will have access to more than 2,700 videos on everything from pre-school to advanced science, humanities, history and more. You can download the videos to watch offline , listen to what your teacher is saying using the integrated subtitles and achieve as you learn. It is also a free application.


We already saw it in the article where we showed you 10 applications to help you learn. One of the most common techniques to study is using cards. With the Flashcards+ app for iPad, you can say goodbye to batteries and stacks of cards and use them electronically. Of course, with Flashcards+, you’ll have your cards wherever you go, so you can study anywhere.

CaptureNotes 2

CaptureNotes 2 is a note-taking application designed specifically for students. In addition to the ability to take notes by hand (better with a Stylus), CaptureNotes 2 also allows you to record audio and take photos that can be added to the notes. In addition to this, we can import PDF files and annotate them in our own handwriting. There are many apps in the App Store for making annotations in PDF files, but we consider CaptureNotes 2 to be the best for students, since allows them to organize their work in personalized notebooks and folders .


We all know Pages, Apple’s word processor. Application completely adapted to our iPad to write as comfortable as possible. And if you have a Mac with OS X Mountain Lion, you can sync your work using iCloud, so you can start work at school with the tablet and continue from home with the Mac.


The Elements: A Visual Exploration

You teach chemistry? Then you must have this app on your iPad. The Elements provides the periodic table of the elements showing you a sample of each element you can interact with. The graphics and photos in The Elements are great, and they help you discover more about the elements.

Anatomy & Physiology REVEALED: Skeletal & Muscular

Biology class? We also have your ideal application. Anatomy & Physiology will help you learn the skeletal and muscular systems of the human body. It has a carefully designed, layered user interface with over 5,000 anatomical structures, videos and animations. You can “peel” the human body in layers, like an onion, to discover the different structures that make up the body. The app has many interactive slides, radiological images, high quality videos and animations that show muscle actions, joint movements and anatomical relationships. And if you dare, you even have a contest to test your knowledge.

Quick Graph

If math is your thing, Quick Graph may be able to help. This application allows you to graph several equations at once, change the color, track along them, and much more. Quick Graph supports 2D and 3D graphics in both rectangular and polar shapes.


Wolfram Alpha is a widely used application by math students, although it also serves other sciences such as statistics, history, culture, media, medicine, technology, linguistics, and many more. It offers an excellent interface for searching through the huge database of information. In particular, the keyboard includes a series of mathematical symbols that would otherwise be impossible to type .


Of course an application like iBooks could not be missing. Carrying books in your backpack or in your hand is not at all practical, better to carry the iPad with iBooks. Although it’s difficult to find textbooks in the iBookStore, you can find educational books on different topics. Most of the common literature is also available on the iBookStore.

iTunes U

With iTunes U, you can access courses at universities and schools. These courses are completely free and some even include assessments. iTunes U and teachers provide the course materials, including audio, video, books, papers, presentations, and applications. iTunes U includes over 500,000 free readings, videos, books, and other resources on thousands of topics.

These are just a few of the thousands of apps dedicated to education that you can find in the App Store. Do you think we’ve left any of them out? Tell us in the comments.

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