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iPad App Reader X Updated for Retina Display

Reader X is an app that lets you read and organise your RSS feeds on the iPad. The app has received an update that optimises it for the Retina Display on the new iPad. In addition, the update fixes errors and adds the option to ‘auto-update’ when starting the application.

Reader X iPad

The App Reader X has greatly improved visual performance, and you’ll now be able to move around the application more smoothly. Add your Google Reader account and enjoy this great interface .

iPad App Reader X Updated for Retina Display
iPad App Reader X Updated for Retina Display

Now with Reader X you can preview the article without having to open it, and also share it on your favorite social networks directly, making this operation much faster.

Reader X also gives you the option to read service articles such as Instapaper , Readability , and ReadLater thanks to its compatibility. In addition, you can choose the font type and size in which the article is displayed.

Articles in Reader X are shown in different colours : unread articles in blue, favourites in yellow and articles read in grey.

Here is the video of Reader X for iPad:

Reader X is a great client for reading RSS feeds on our tablet. With this iPad application a different concept of quick views is created, getting all the articles in grid mode, and thanks to this and a color configuration you can have all the articles organized very quickly. In addition, the application is updated as soon as you enter it. It deserves a place on our iPads.

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