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iPad and students, the apps you must have

The implementation of new technologies in the classroom is a process that seems to be unstoppable, and whose first manifestations are gradually taking place with the incorporation of both portable and desktop equipment . Specifically, Apple seems to be quite interested in being present in this technological implementation by means of the iPad, on the other hand, one of the most suitable tools for this purpose due to things like its price, autonomy, and even its ease of transport due to its size and weight.

Next we review a set of iPad applications that can be quite useful with respect to the activities carried out by students and that are essential with respect to the management and organization of the same, among other aspects.

iStudiez Pro

iPad and students, the apps you must have
iPad and students, the apps you must have

One of the best applications for students, iStudiez Pro focuses on the aspects of organization and task management , so that we can accommodate all kinds of activities in our schedule, from classes, to conferences, to sports, homework and so on. Also, it allows us to keep a precise track of our tasks, create alarms and be able to keep an efficient control of our notes. App Store iStudiez Pro (2.69 euros)

iTunes U

iTunes U is Apple’s premier academic application. It gives us access to a multitude of complete courses from universities and educational institutions around the world. From the access to these courses, its integration with other applications such as iBooks is quite remarkable and makes that we can interact with the content of them, sharing it, highlighting text, or taking notes for example.

App Store iTunes U (Free)


With inClass, we can organize our student schedule and become more efficient in performing our tasks . It allows us to take notes, share them, organize our schedule, record our classes, do internet searches or create alarms regarding the completion of our assignments. In addition to all this, we can share files through iTunes. The automatic assignment of notes to saved subjects stands out.

App Store inClass (Free)

Bamboo Paper

With Bamboo, we can take notes in a simple and agile way, as well as being able to make sketches and draw very easily . We can add details to our notes precisely thanks to its powerful zoom. If we want to add precision and quality to our annotations, using a Bamboo Stylus pencil we can easily achieve this. If, in addition to the above, our aim is to make accurate drawings or those requiring greater skill or detail, we have the Intuos Creative Stylus pressure sensitive digital pen, in the section of tools that we can associate with the application.

App Store Bamboo (Free)


With Penultimate, we won’t miss any important notes or notes. With a careful interface and enhancing the writing aspects of it, allows us through simple gestures to be able to make notes or change pages, and can even configure the possibility of this happening as we write automatically . It has a perfect integration with Evernote, which we already analyzed here, and stands out for its advanced search engine, with which we can find our files quickly.

App Store Penultimate (Free)

Before finishing, we would like to mention that in this compilation we have basically focused on the aspects related to note-taking and task organization, although there are applications that can also be useful in a classroom, and that have been the object of other compilations , such as the best applications for the company, and others at individual level such as DRAE or Speak and Translate as regards languages, or Dropbox as regards storing our tasks and files in the cloud.

If from the previous ones we had to choose an application, we would choose iStudiez Pro , with respect to the management and organization of tasks, because we consider it the most complete of all in this aspect, and with respect to note-taking with Penultimate , because we greatly value, among other things, its integration with Evernote.

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