iPad Air vs. Galaxy Tab S: Comparative de Pantallas

New battle between Samsung and Apple

iPad Air vs Galaxy Tab S

It must be acknowledged that the Korean company Samsung has made a strong commitment to the tablet sector this year, so we anticipate that the battle with Apple to dominate this market will be more fierce than ever. If we already saw how the Note Pro and Tab Pro lines incorporated great technical specifications that easily positioned them in the top range of the market, the new Galaxy Tab S seems to reach a new level.

iPad Air vs. Galaxy Tab S: Comparative de Pantallas
iPad Air vs. Galaxy Tab S: Comparative de Pantallas

The new Galaxy Tab S tablets use one of the technologies that have most distinguished the South Korean company in the mobile sector: the Super AMOLED screens . These screens have a high resolution.

Just a few days ago Samsung released the new Galaxy Tab S in stores with the clear intention of making its new tablet the ultimate “weapon” that can end the reign of Apple’s iPad. The marketing bet of the Korean company is very clear: Samsung wants to eat Cupertino’s tablet.

Is Super Amoled or Retina Display better?

We all know the eternal rivalry between Samsung and Apple on each and every one of their devices. That’s why the South Koreans, taking advantage of the launch of the new Galaxy Tab S, has released a new commercial comparing the display technology of their new devices with that of the iPad . What you can see in the ad is how the Super AMOLED screen shows more vivid colors that catch the eye of two tigers, both of which face an iPad.

It must be clarified that this is only an announcement and that we cannot take it as a faithful representation of reality . The truth is that both Samsung and Apple have a very good reputation for having high quality screens. On the one hand, we have the AMOLED screens, which are very good, due to their brightness, for outdoors, although sometimes they tend to be saturated; while the Retina screen has an extraordinary range of colours.

One piece of information that may give us a little more confidence in the new Galaxy Tab S display is the rating that DisplayMate has given it, both in its 8.4 and 10.5 inch formats. According to this firm, the South Korean company’s AMOLED screens are above those of the Kindle Fire HDX and the iPad Air, which are respectively in second and third place in the ranking of best screens.

Just as the tablet kids remember, the Galaxy Tab S comes to the market with a very good collection of exclusive premium content to make the most of the great virtues of your screen. We’ll just have to wait for the first real comparisons between the screen of the new Samsung device and the iPad to see if the difference between the two is so great.

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