iPad Air Plus layout and iPad Mini 4 details

An Apple diagram is filtered giving details of a new iPad Air Plus and the iPad Mini 4

Apparently an Apple fan magazine published this Friday, Mac Fan, has released a full-scale layout of the rumored iPad Air Plus , also known as the iPad PRO. It also gives interesting details of a new iPad Mini 4 and both new models will appear next year 2015.

iPad Air Plus

According to the Japanese publication, the new tablet would have a size of 12.2 inches, with proportions of 305.31×220.8×7 mm , being even thinner than the new iPhone 6 . It would also come equipped with a new state-of-the-art A9 processor.

iPad Air Plus layout and iPad Mini 4 details
iPad Air Plus layout and iPad Mini 4 details

The launch would take place between April and June 2015 and would also have four built-in speakers , at the edges, to facilitate stereo sound. However, as we have learned, the iPad PRO may be having problems producing its screen, so mass production would be delayed until the second quarter of 2015.

At the moment these are just rumours, but it should be noted that another publication, close to AppleInsider, mentions that the data provided by the Japanese publication is quite similar to the information it receives and has been listening to it for some time now. Other similar articles refer to this new tablet as the iPad PRO, which is how we’ve been getting to know it for months now, when the rumor of the 12.9-inch tablet started to emerge.

In other occasions the Japanese magazine Mac Fan has been right, like when it reported about the screen resolution of the iPhone 6 Plus in a very detailed way, but it is true that the information they gave about the physical size was not correct, so this new information they give can be true or not, you have to take it with tweezers.

iPad Mini 4

The same Mac Fan magazine also mentions a iPad Mini 4, which will come equipped with the A8X processor , the same one that mounts the iPad Air 2 and an even thinner design than the latter. After the launch of the iPad Mini 4, the iPad Mini and iPad Mini 3 will be withdrawn from the market by Apple, leaving only the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 4 in the shops.

We can understand why they’re taking away the first iPad Mini model, but we think it’s a little strange that they’re doing the same with the iPad Mini 3, which was released earlier this year. Although seeing the criticism that this new model has had, because it doesn’t include any relevant features, this could happen. But this statement also contradicts what we said a few weeks ago, Apple would leave aside the iPad Mini series to focus only on the iPad PRO next year and would not launch any mini model in 2015.

There are a lot of rumors going around about the new iPad and we may hear from Apple about the new model very soon, sooner than we think. We’ve learned these new facts thanks to AppleInsider.

Do you think we’ll see the iPad Air Plus or iPad PRO next year? Do you think we’ll have a new model of iPad Mini too? Don’t forget to leave your opinion about it in the comments.

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