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iPad Air Outperforms Rivals in Battery Life

The iPad Air’s autonomy finds no competition in today’s market

The battery life of the devices is an aspect on which a satisfactory user experience can depend or lead to genuine frustration and rejection of them. Although manufacturers often boast about the battery life of their batteries and cannot claim that the data they offer are false, it is worth taking a look, from time to time, at the various tests carried out by third parties outside the companies, in which they recreate, in a more reliable way, the conditions of use of the users.

Recently, a series of tests have been carried out in which different aspects of the operation of the best tablets were evaluated (see image). While the iPad Air was not able to take first place in terms of speed, in terms of battery life, was unrivalled . The test differentiated between tablet use on the Internet and video use .

iPad Air Outperforms Rivals in Battery Life
iPad Air Outperforms Rivals in Battery Life


In the Internet section, both the iPad Air (11 hours), the iPad Mini Retina (just over 10 hours) and the iPad 2 (almost 10 hours), took the first three positions in the analysis. Apart from the overwhelming superiority of all the Apple devices, we could highlight two things.

iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina and iPad 2 the longest running tablets for surfing the web

The first is the 2-hour difference that the iPad Air maintains with respect to the first “non-Apple” device in the comparison, specifically the Tesco Hudl, also far below in specifications and above all the almost 3 hours in which it exceeds the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Kindle Fire HD 8GB, until reaching the 4-hour difference with the Nexus 7.

And the second is the extraordinary 590 minutes offered by the iPad 2, which is a 3 year old tablet and will certainly give satisfaction to those who still own this device.

In the video section, the iPad Air still holds the first position (wow! almost 13 hours), with a big bowl of popcorn you could watch about 8 movies forgetting the cable. The iPad 2 is in an honourable fourth position with 11 hours of continuous playback, very close to the Nexus 7. And the iPad Mini Retina, unlike larger tablets, which can take up much more space and have the possibility of more powerful batteries, is affected by its size and offers “only” 10 hours of autonomy.

In conclusion, Apple continues to do things well and has managed to combine the ultra-thin design , a good battery , and above all that, this gets along very well with iOS 7 .

Can your device be identified by this data?

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