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iPad Air Comes to the Refurbishment Section of the Apple Online Store

Low-use and refurbished devices can be purchased from Apple’s online store

For those who don’t know, in the Cupertino’s online store there is the possibility to buy devices that have almost no use, which the cars are called semi-new. In the case of the Californian company, these types of products are known as: “Restored and certified” .

These devices are nothing more than the from returns from customers who found them to be defective. Apple repairs them and, as they can no longer sell them as new, they do so as semi-new, for them restored, with a clear price discount.

iPad Air Comes to the Refurbishment Section of the Apple Online StoreiPad Air Comes to the Refurbishment Section of the Apple Online Store

For those of you who have already browsed this section of the Apple Online Store, you’ll notice that almost all iPad models are available for purchase. We say almost all, because in addition to stock depending on availability, there are certain models that are not yet available , such as the iPad Air.

Apple will start selling refurbished iPad Air

As we were saying, the stock of these refurbished devices depends a little bit on customer returns, and on the devices that Apple gives the go-ahead to repair. Hence not always you will find what you are looking for .

Until now Apple had not authorized the to start selling iPad Air from this section of the store, but it seems that this is starting to change . At the moment, they are already starting to be seen in the United States, and it seems that the store in Spain will have to wait a little longer for them to appear and be able to purchase them.

Refurbished products come from returns for small defects

The devices in this section of the Apple Online Store come from returns from customers who have noticed that their devices are faulty. These defects can be hardware, physical, or even software. So all those that can, are repaired and put back on the market .

In Spain these products have a 15% discount on their normal price of sale to the public. Even if they have been repaired, they have the same guarantees on manufacturing faults as a new device: they have a one-year limited guarantee and two years as required by law (this is not to say that they have three years, but the first year of the limited guarantee is included in the first year of the legal guarantee).

Have you ever bought a refurbished product from the Apple Online Store? How was the experience? Any problems? We’d like to hear from you, so please leave us a comment!