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iPad Air and iPad Mini arrive in Japan with DoCoMo on June 10th

Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo will distribute iPad Air and iPad Mini from June 10

Apple and NTT DoCoMo have announced in an official statement that the Japanese operator will begin distributing the iPad Air and the Mini Retina on June 10. As you may remember, when Apple launched the iPhone in Japan this operator did not distribute it until some time later it reached an agreement with the Americans. Now, Apple’s smartphone will be joined by its two famous tablets with which they hope to register great sales.

It must be said that in the note they tried to highlight the great features that the iPad Air and the Mini Retina have, such as the 64-bit A7 chip, the quality of the Retina screen and the light and compact design of both.

iPad Air and iPad Mini arrive in Japan with DoCoMo on June 10th
iPad Air and iPad Mini arrive in Japan with DoCoMo on June 10th

However, this news does not take us completely by surprise, since many analysts in the industry had predicted this to happen since NTT DoCoMo signed the agreement with Apple to distribute the iPhone last September.

The iPad Air and Mini Retina will be available with 4G

DoCoMo is the largest operator in Japan and, as it happened with the iPhone, it enters the game later than the rest of its competitors in the country such as the operators SoftBank and KDDI, who have been distributing the new iPad for some time now.

Both the Air and the iPad Mini 2 will be able to enjoy the company’s 4G LTE “Xi” network , described by DoCoMo’s own CEO and president as the most reliable high-speed network in the nation. Kaoru Kato, who is the CEO’s name, says they are confident that their customers will enjoy using Apple tablets, while new customers will be able to enjoy them thanks to their new billing plan .

Recently we commented that DoCoMo had become an important piece for the sales of the iPhone in Japan, since being the biggest operator it takes a great part of the sales of this device, managing to position the iPhone as the most sold smartphone in the country over Samsung and Sony.

On the other hand, Tim Cook has declared that they are very happy that the iPad joins the iPhone within the NTT DoCoMo network, since the results obtained with the iPhone have been very great and they expect the tablet to follow the same path.

Pre-bookings open on June 2

Finally, Apple Insider points out that although the iPad Air and Mini Retina will not officially start selling on DoCoMo until June 10th, impatient users can make a pre-booking from next Monday June 2nd . In addition, the company has launched a promotion through which they give 100 DoCoMo points, or about $100 in credit, to new buyers of the family plan who have several lines and get two or more iPads.