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iPad Air 2 What do we expect from the New Apple Tablet?

The iPad Air 2 ad is closer every day and we tell you what we expect from it

It is practically confirmed that iPad Air 2 will be present in the next Keynote, which will probably be next October 16th. As John Paczkowski from Recode says.

Apple’s sixth-generation tablet will bring many new and significant changes. We’ll be out of the woods soon, but for now we’re going to talk about what Air 2 has to offer. Just keep reading. Simple!

What’s new on the iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 What do we expect from the New Apple Tablet?
iPad Air 2 What do we expect from the New Apple Tablet?

The new Cupertino’s device will bring juicy new features, which we will surely be able to see next October 16th and which we will detail below.

New speaker design, microphone relocation and anti-reflection for the display

It appears that the speaker grille of the iPad Air 2 will have a new design , consisting of a row of large holes, instead of a grille with rows of small holes that the previous model had. This makes it more similar to the grille on iPhone 6.

In addition, the microphone has been relocated to the back of the device , placing it near the camera. We do not know how it will work with this new microphone situation, but we assume that the company will have counted on it, so that no problem will arise.

The previous iPad Air seems to have had a small problem displaying the screen in direct sunlight. With the new anti-reflection system that will be available on Air 2, it will be more comfortable to read in direct sunlight.

Improved Touch ID and a new design for the volume buttons

The apple brand has worked on improving the Touch ID system to ensure that the unlocking screen and shopping on the App Store are more secure. It will possibly also work with the Apple Pay system.

According to the prototype, we won’t know if it will stay this way, but the volume buttons have been reduced in thickness, so they are now closer to the edge of the iPad Air 2.

New improved technical specifications and new software features

It is rumored that the iPad Air 2 will have this time 2GB of RAM, being the device with the highest number of RAM memory that the brand has launched to the market. It is also possible that this model will have the A8 processor and the M8 motion coprocessor, just like the iPhone 6.

We have already mentioned that there may be a possibility that Air 2 has the Pay payment system, but only through payments within the application, as this would not have the NFC chip to make purchases in physical stores.

In addition, the model will have gold color , which will be added to the silver gray and space colors, just like the ones we have already seen in the iPhone 6 models.

All these things we told you about are just rumors. Until we see the next Keynote on October 16th and we see Tim Cook announcing the new Air 2, we will not leave any doubt. But everything points to the fact that some of these features will end up coming with this model. It’s also possible that we won’t know anything about the Mini 3 and PRO until the beginning of 2015.

And you, are you looking forward to new iPad models? Do you think we will have news next October 16th? Let us know in the comments what you think about it and what you think about the new version.

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