iPad Air 2 vs. Nexus 9 vs. Galaxy Tab S

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We are facing the iPad Air 2 vs. Nexus 9 vs. Galaxy Tab S

Once again, we are facing different devices, in this case three of the most important tablets in the market, iPad Air 2, Nexus 9 and Galaxy Tab S. We will highlight the virtues of each one in several sections, to see which one is the best or to get an idea of which one to choose.

iPad Air 2 vs. Nexus 9 vs. Galaxy Tab S
iPad Air 2 vs. Nexus 9 vs. Galaxy Tab S

We will check the specifications, price and characteristics of each one, in a comparative, as we usually do. Join us.

Comparison of the three tablets

The iPad Air 2 arrived a little later than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, phones that have broken all sales records. While the iPad Air 2 has arrived without much fuss, for many it’s a minor revision of their previous model and could have been much better, but for others it’s simply the best, a matter of taste.

Google’s Nexus 9 was one of the most anticipated devices of the three. The launch date coincided with its brother Nexus 6 and the launch of the new Android Lollipop operating system, all presented on the same day.

In the case of Samsung Galaxy Tab S there has been less of a stir, as the company has several tablet models, but it has not become one of the best tablets on the market in the summer, thanks to user feedback. On the other hand, Samsung has even compared its tablet to the iPad Air 2 in an advertisement.

Let’s look at the three tablet models in various aspects and several sections.


The iPad Air 2 falls somewhere in between in this screen size comparison . The 9.7-inch screen has a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels at 264 ppi. It shows large viewing angles and is ideal for viewing outdoors.

The Nexus 9 screen is the smallest of the three , with 8.9 inches and a resolution of 2048×1536 and 281 ppi, the same resolution as the iPad Air 2, but with a higher pixel density. However, the Galaxy Tab S’s screen is the largest, at 10.5 inches, also has the best resolution 2560×1600 and the pixel density is comparable to the Nexus 9 with 288 ppi.

Hardware Power

As for its CPU, the iPad Air 2 has the renewed A8X, with a 64-Bit architecture, supported by 2Gb of RAM and counting on iOS 8 as operating system. The power of Apple’s new tablet model has surprised many, as it has more power than you might think at first.

The Nexus 9 has great features, with a processor also 64 bits, the model Nvidia Tegra K1, being one of the most powerful on the market and 2Gb of RAM, like the iPad Air 2. Although the new encryption that presents Lollipop consumes almost 80% of the power of the device, something that has to be solved giving the possibility of disabling it.

The Galaxy Tab S has an Exynos CPU, backed by 3Gb of RAM, the one with the most memory of the three , but it comes equipped with the Kit Kat version of Android, something that puts it at a disadvantage with the Nexus 9. In addition to having the TouchWiz layer that always equips Samsung devices and that we like so little, because it reduces the performance of the tablet.


The iPad Air 2 camera has also been updated from the previous model, with an 8Mp iSight sensor, capable of recording video at 1080 and a 1.2Mp front camera. The camera on the Apple tablet gives the same results as other cameras with more megapixels. The Nexus 9 camera is as good as the iPad Air 2 camera, sporting an 8Mp sensor and capable of recording at 1080p. However, it has a better camera than the Apple model on the front, 1.6Mp and capable of recording video in 720p.

In the case of the Galaxy Tab S we found a camera also very similar, with 8Mp in the main one, also capable of recording at 1080p, but with the best front camera of the three, with 2.1 Mp. The camera of the three models behaves almost in the same way, so it will not be a remarkable section to get one or the other, being the three very similar.

Storage and pricing

In terms of storage space, the iPad Air 2 has models of 16.64 and 128Gb, at a price of 489, 589 and 689 euros, respectively. These prices are quite high if we compare them with the competition and increase them by more than 100 euros if we choose the models with a telephone antenna. In the case of the Nexus 9 we only have two storage options, 16 and 32Gb, being its price 389 and 479 euros, respectively and in its models with Wi-Fi and there is only one model of 32Gb with LTE and that costs 559 euros.

If we look at the Galaxy Tab S, it’s similar in price to the iPad Air in its more economical model, 499 euros for the model with WI-Fi and 599 euros for the model with 4G. There are 32 and 64GB models, which will vary in price depending on which one is chosen. In the price section, the Android models are the winners, as they are cheaper than the Apple tablet.


We arrive at one of the most important sections when deciding on one or the other, since we do not want to be permanently connected to the charger. The iPad Air 2 has an estimated duration of 10 hours , according to Apple itself, but users with moderate use have reached 8 hours. The Nexus 9 has a huge battery, 6700 mAh, which also offers about 10 hours of use, very similar to Apple’s tablet.

The Galaxy Tab S model has the largest battery of the three, 7900 mAh , which is also estimated to give about 10 hours of use. Its AMOLED screen tends to have a rather high consumption, so its duration is approximately the same as the Nexus 9, but it should be checked more thoroughly.

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In conclusion, deciding on one tablet or another is difficult. While the iPad Air 2 has an exquisite design, with good materials and has been chosen as the best device of the year 2014, together with the iPhone 6 Plus, the Android Lollipop system with which the Nexus 9 comes equipped may attract more attention. However, the Galaxy Tab S’s large screen may give you more points to get your hands on, but possibly the TouchWiz layer that Samsung provides to its devices will take some of the power away from it. We got this comparison from iKnow Today.

It’s up to you to choose one or the other. Which of the three do you get?

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