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iPad Air 2 May Have Pressure-Sensitive Display

Apple has patented a new technology to detect pressure on the iPad or iPhone touch screen

According to the latest rumours on the web, the next generation of the Apple tablet would not be a great evolution, but rather a small update of the current version. However, a newly published patent has led to the idea that the iPad 6 could incorporate a major innovation, since could have a pressure-sensitive touch screen .

The American company holds a large number of patents, the brand is known for its great technological innovations such as the iPhone or iPad (first smartphone and tablet on the market) or the iPod. Generation after generation we have been able to see how they have incorporated improvements, some larger than others.

iPad Air 2 May Have Pressure-Sensitive DisplayiPad Air 2 May Have Pressure-Sensitive Display

Although at first everything seemed to point to the fact that the sixth version of its tablet would not include major innovations, some people believe that it would. For example, it is rumored that it could be waterproof, and now this new Apple patent discovered just yesterday has set off alarm bells. The patent refers to a new system that would allow the touch screen to be pressure sensitive .

This technology on an iPad would offer great possibilities for developers and users

As described in the patent, by means of a combination of tactile capabilities and infrared sensors , the devices would be able to determine the pressure sensitivity exerted on the screen. This feature could be very useful in future iDevices when creating new applications and functions.

In the event that Apple finally incorporates this feature into the iPad 6, it could be a big boost for developers who could create applications with new features. But that’s not all, because would also benefit the users , who would get a better, more intuitive user interface with more possibilities.

The iDevices currently incorporate a panel with capacitive touch technology . This technology works through the execution of an electrical current through the screen. This electrical current is interrupted when the user touches the screen, at which time the device registers that touch. However, capacitive screens, unlike resistive screens, cannot register pressure.

With Apple’s new patent, the company would make use of infrared sensors that would register the pressure exerted on the touch of the screen that would be located under the panel of the iDevices. It is believed that they could incorporate this technology in the iPad 6, but, as they say in IBTimes, it is not ruled out that they could also do so in future generations of the iPhone. How would you feel about the touch screen of future iDevices being pressure sensitive?