iPad Air 2 and Mini Retina 2 Could Make it to the End of 2014

Apple may introduce new versions of the current iPad Air and Mini Retina during this year 2014. These would come with some improvements that would greatly enhance the features of both devices, such as a new and powerful processor, the Touch ID fingerprint reader, an improved camera, among others.

In addition to these updates, there is also talk of a possible larger tablet, which has been named the iPad PRO, although we don’t know if this will eventually be the name of the more than likely iPad with a 12.9-inch screen .

iPad Air 2 and Mini Retina 2 Could Make it to the End of 2014
iPad Air 2 and Mini Retina 2 Could Make it to the End of 2014

Thus, the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securites recently released a new report detailing some of the new features that the new iPhone 6 is likely to bring. In the same report, he also detailed some features that the new iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina could bring.

Touch ID

Apple added a fingerprint reader, the Touch ID, to the current iPhone 5s in 2013 and after fixing some reader identification issues with iOS 7.1, Touch ID seems ready to make the big leap to other devices. Thus, in this way Apple could launch the first tablets with a fingerprint sensor with the arrival of the new generations of iPad Air and Mini Retina.

New release date for the iPad Air

Apple changed the launch date of its tablets to 2013, after having launched the iPad 4 in 2012 in the middle of the year, a few months after the launch of the iPad 3.

Kuo believes that Apple is thinking of launching an iPad Air 2 which could be launched in autumn 2014. However, Kuo assures that the apple company intends to sell as many iPad Airs as possible before November, so we don’t expect the arrival of the new Air until that date, as well as the launch of the new version of the Mini.

Camera and processor

It seems that Apple is preparing a new processor, the A8, which will have great improvements over its predecessor and even, as we said recently, could be 20 nanometers.

As for the camera, the new iPad Air 2 and Mini Retina 2 are expected to arrive with an 8-megapixel camera but with a significantly improved sensor, just like the one on iPhone 6.

The iPad Mini Retina 2 could be priced lower

According to Kuo’s report, the new iPad Mini Retina 2 model could come with a significant price reduction . If this finally happens, we don’t know what Apple will do with the current generations. Perhaps it would make sense to see a low-cost Mini that would compete directly with the Nexus 7.


As far as the design of the new iPad Air and Mini Retina is concerned, no major changes, if any, are expected . Apple introduced a new design to its tablets last year and with the arrival of the Mini, so you wouldn’t expect their design to change in such a short time.

Finally, according to the guys at Gottamobile, Kuo says in his report that he doesn’t expect the 12.9-inch iPad Pro to finally arrive this year . He says the brand is working on it and is focusing the new device on professional customers and large companies.

Do you think it’s necessary for Apple to release the new versions of iPad Air and Mini Retina this year?

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