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iPad Abuse by Children Can Become a Problem

The iPad has become a mass success and is enjoyed by young and old alike. But like any electronic device, you have to be careful how you use it with the younger members of the household. Sometimes, parents resort to leaving their tablet with them in order to keep their children entertained , without really knowing what the consequences of this act might be.

It’s clear that leaving the iPad with the child from time to time is no problem, as they can entertain themselves for a while and, in addition , there are many applications that can help them in learning some subjects.

iPad Abuse by Children Can Become a Problem
iPad Abuse by Children Can Become a Problem

What happens is that many parents don’t control the hours their children spend glued to the screen, I don’t give them any other resource for the child to entertain himself, like the toys of his life, or give them a paper and a pencil to paint with, for example.

Continued use of the iPad can affect your motor development

According to Ofcom’s figures, the percentage of households with at least one tablet has grown from 20 to 51% in just one year . And it is clear that the increase in these electronic devices can affect people who have the device at home, and more so if there is no control over its use.

The UK Teachers’ Association has called on parents to allow their children to use the iPad without parental control. They warn that the continued use of this display device may affect their children’s motor development , and may affect them, for example, in terms of finger strength. This would be considerably reduced by the lack of exercise with toys, such as building blocks, which can help them in their development.

To avoid iPad addiction, parents could turn off the WiFi at night

The Association also points out that the continued use of the iPad without any control affects children’s memory, as this is eroded by overexposure to screen-based technology and prevents them from taking a paper-and-pen test.

Professor Colin Kinney, at the annual conference of the Teachers’ Association in Manchesterun, reported conversations with other colleagues in which they noted that they had some children who were tired and did not pay attention in class . After investigating the reason for this situation, they discovered that the children spent most of the night playing with the iPad without the parents knowing it. Therefore, she recommended that parents turn off the WiFi at night to avoid this behaviour.

Spending many hours with video games can affect children’s character

Continued use of video games on screen-based devices can seriously affect children’s character. A doctor in the United Kingdom stated that the number of young people (including children as young as 4 years old) who are exposed from birth to the Internet and digital devices has grown and that many of them will need therapy in order to correct compulsive behaviour .

Following this theory, Marcos Montgomery, professor in Northern Ireland, comments that excessive exposure to technology is being related to weight gain, aggressive behavior, fatigue and repetitive stress injuries . He therefore stated that: ” it is our job (that of teachers) to ensure that technology is being used wisely and productively, and that students are not taking steps backwards and becoming obsessed with or exhibiting aggressive and antisocial behaviour “.

In the same way we can use a brick either to break a window or to build a house, digital technology can be used for good or for bad , and teachers can and should help their students make positive choices so that they have positive experiences “, reflects teacher Montgomery.

Therefore, we must be careful with the time children are allowed to use the iPad and screen devices , and also make them play with their old toys, so that they can develop without any problem, as we can read in The Telegraph.

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