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iPad 5 May Use the Same Panel Technology as the iPad Mini

It won’t be long before Apple introduces its new iPad, or at least that seems to indicate the amount of leaks we’ve been seeing over the past few weeks. The eagerly awaited iPad 5 is said to receive a redesign with the intention of making it somewhat thinner and lighter than the current one. To do so, it is said that Apple will use the design of the current iPad Mini in the iPad 5.

But today The Wall Street Journal has gone further and published that the new flagship tablet of the apple will use the same touch screen technology used by the iPad Mini to try to reduce the weight and size of the device.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the iPad 5 will use the same touchscreen technology as the iPad Mini to make it smaller

iPad 5 May Use the Same Panel Technology as the iPad MiniiPad 5 May Use the Same Panel Technology as the iPad Mini

According to the famous newspaper:

Not long ago we saw a series of photos of what might be the new front panel of the iPad 5, followed by a video showing this same panel along with the supposedly fifth-generation back cover of Apple’s iPad.

Both leaks showed a 9.7-inch iPad that had been significantly reduced in size compared to the current iPad 4, both of which would follow the line of the report published by the Wall Street Journal. Virtually all of the rumors and leaks we’ve seen in recent months, as reported in MacRumors, claim that the iPad 5 will be thinner, smaller and lighter than the current design .

Only Apple knows what the iPad 5 will finally look like. Cupertino is expected to introduce the new iPad between September and October, along with an updated iPad Mini. Are you looking forward to see how the new Apple iPad will be?