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iPad 5 Could Be Thinner Thanks to the iPad Mini


For some time now, there have been rumours that Apple is already working on the iPad 5. If the rumors are true, this new generation of the company’s 9.7-inch tablet will feature a design similar to that of the iPad Mini and iPhone 5. This way Apple would close the circle and make all its iOS devices have a similar design.

iPad 5 Could Be Thinner Thanks to the iPad Mini
iPad 5 Could Be Thinner Thanks to the iPad Mini

Now a new rumor has surfaced that Apple is working to adapt the iPad mini screen technology for the 9.7-inch iPad. This technology is known as GF2 and thanks to it it is possible that the iPad mini is as thin as it is. The technology is based on simplicity and instead of using an LCD panel and a touch panel for the screen, this is done on the same component, allowing for a reduction in the space required for operation. Apple has already proven that this technology works perfectly in the iPad mini, so the iPad 5 could benefit from this previous experience and be an even thinner and lighter product than the current generation.

It seems that the list of vendors Apple is working with for the next generation of the 9.7-inch iPad are Nitto Denko, TPK and Japan Display. All of them are companies with a long history and a lot of experience, something that Apple takes very seriously. The manufacturer of the device will surely be Foxconn, as is already the case with other devices from Cupertino’s company.

Thinnest iPad 5 may arrive during Q3

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of the firm KGI, recently wrote a note to his clients showing what, in his opinion, will be Apple’s roadmap for this year 2013, this analyst has a quite extensive record of success, so we must take into account his words. His roadmap includes Q3 releases of new iPad, iPhone and also MacBook.

In addition, the analyst’s report also indicates that Apple may have ordered Retina displays for a new generation of MacBook Air due to arrive during the third quarter of this year. This would be the first generation of MacBook Air with a Retina display, something that many MacBook Air users are sure to love.

In any case, we have to be patient and wait to see if these rumours are confirmed and if Apple shows us the new products it’s working on, whether it’s the iPad range or any other range of products. We’re already looking forward to Apple’s first product launch event of the year, we’ve got mono!

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