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iPad 3G Reviews

That’s it, we’ve got it, it’s ours. After two months of delay the iPad has arrived in Spain and the first buyers have already been enjoying it for a few days, for sure you will have read many opinions about the new Apple Gadget, we have also prepared our analysis of the iPad 3G , in this case.

But by now you’ve probably read almost everything about the terminal so we thought it might be interesting to offer an analysis from a different point of view and with a different style.

iPad 3G Reviews
iPad 3G Reviews

That’s why I set out to analyze the iPad as a work tool and not as the media device it’s supposed to be. Let’s leave our workstation and computer for a day and go out on the street with only the iPad, will we be able to work naturally from the computer?

iPad 3G: Is it an outdoor device?

It might seem like I’m saying a lot of nonsense considering we’re talking about a portable computer, but it’s just that not every small, portable device has to be comfortable to use outdoors.

In the case of the iPad I think we could look at four aspects to see how far we can close the office and go out to the park to work.

  • Keyboard. It’s very comfortable, absolutely nothing to do with the keyboard of an iPhone or iPod touch. The keyboard in horizontal position is perfect and typing with it is no problem, in vertical position we are talking about another world, the sensations are different, typing like this feels uncomfortable and with both thumbs even more. The keyboard has quite a few keys at hand, which is not the case with the iPhone, but I don’t like at all the input method of accents and accent marks (the same one we had until now). Let’s say then that the keyboard is a marvel but hides a terrible secret, to use it in a comfortable and fast way you will have to adopt a position similar to the Apple ads, if you don’t support the computer in some surface, typing quickly will be something like an impossible mission. Writing with one hand or with the iPad in the air seems like an anecdote.
  • Battery life. A computer designed for use outside the home must have a more than acceptable battery life, it seems that Apple has achieved a real battery life of over 10 hours, we talk about a huge duration so this point is more than met, although do not think it’s many hours, in fact yesterday discharged the entire battery of the computer, although it is true that no other computer used throughout the day.
  • Screen display. How does it look outdoors? Well, not as well as it should. The iPhone has always been an example in this respect, its screen looks as good in full sun as it does at home. With the iPad, this is not the case. While the screen has a superb quality indoors, outdoors, and in specific situations (such as with the sun in front of you) it becomes a problem to try to use it, the wallpaper also helps in this sense. In general, if you don’t have maximum brightness and you’re in the shade of something, it’s not very comfortable to use.
  • Without 3G it doesn’t make much sense. I understand that everyone has their own needs and that’s why there are several models of iPads, but what I don’t understand is using a device like this without a constant data connection. That’s why I feel it’s essential to only buy 3G models if you’re ever going to take it out of the house. For the situation we are dealing with (I remind you that we have left work with only the iPad) having a permanent data connection is something necessary. Most applications are focused on the Internet and the cloud so if we do not have a connection we can not make use of them and we will have a beautiful computer of 730gr with which to watch movies and little more.

Integrated applications

This is one of the points where the iPad fails miserably. As soon as you turn it on it takes nothing, well lie, it takes three stores where you can leave your entire month’s salary in just over 30 minutes. But apart from that and some basic tools the iPad doesn’t include any utilities.

The calendar, Safari and Mail would be the only applications to highlight as the rest are quite simple.

  • Calendar. I love the idea and style of being able to imitate a real calendar, the program looks great but it doesn’t add anything to the iPhone or iCal version. Let’s just say it’s a nice program where we can do the same thing as from our iPhone. If you use the iPad as a work computer, you will surely fill it with activities and tasks on the first day.
  • Safari. It’s a little wonder, it’s fast, in fact it’s very fast, it works very well, the integration of videos in the windows is a success, the shortcut bar is very comfortable… but… again we find the same thing. There are no new functions, no plugins, no extras, it’s the Safari version of the iPhone, but it’s a vitamin boost thanks to the performance of the device.
  • Mail. There’s a little wonder on the iPad and its name is Mail, it’s comfortable, it’s much faster than any other version of Mail (this point is quite curious, the refresh speed of the desktop version of Mac seems almost “ridiculous” compared to the iPad) and the organization and structure of the program is very good. Of course, it lacks hundreds of details such as labels, filters, automatic folders…

The rest of the programs do not include anything special, perhaps “iPod” is the most remarkable program except for the others although the size of the computer makes it somewhat uncomfortable to use.

Its operating system is currently its biggest burden and is currently crying out for iPhone OS version 4.0. I am completely sure that Apple is keeping a surprise in this sense, since the iPad version will not be only an adaptation of the iPhone version.

Things like folders, extra Mail functions, multitasking (on the iPhone I don’t see it very useful, on the iPad it seems almost a priority). But not only in the sense of new functions, the system has undergone a great adaptation for the team and you can see that it requires a second version without new features but including adjustments and small adjustments that the system requires now.

Third-party applications

And this is where the advantage comes and at the same time the biggest problem of the team. Nothing we want to use the computer for more than reading mail and surfing the Internet will have to go through if or if by box.

It’s an advantage because the options are almost infinite but the problem is that this costs money and in fact costs a lot of money if we want to have a few almost indispensable tools.

  • iWork. It seems almost necessary the three Apple applications if we want to use the computer as an editing team, in the coming days we will analyze the different programs, at the moment we can say that they are great applications to edit something in a moment although they seem almost crazy to create a complete document from them (provided that the document has more than 3 pages). 23,97 euros.
  • GoodReader. Another essential application to access documents at any time without depending on the data connection. 0.79 euros.
  • 1Password. If we want to keep all our passwords safe and encrypted, as well as some notes that not everyone has to know, this application is perfect because in addition to working well it allows us to synchronize with our computer all the content of the program, its biggest problem is the 5.49 euros that it is worth.
  • LogMeIn – What if you left a document in the office that you urgently need or need to use a program you have installed on your computer? You need a program to access your computer remotely. LogMeIn is one of the most award-winning programs for this type of task, and it’s a “+” application, which means it works on the iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod touch. 23.99 euros.

We spent a little over 50 euros on four essential things, which is not exactly a small amount of money. To all this we must add an application for Twitter, another for the weather, a calculator … etc, etc. In short, if we equip the iPad with everything that makes it useful, we can easily spend more than 50 euros if we use many free applications and few games, and more than 100 without any problem if we want to play some interesting games as well as tools.

All this taking into account that at no time I have talked about the iTunes Store and the iBooks Store, it is clear that what I said before was not at all an exaggeration, we can spend without any problem the salary of the month buying compulsively, logically none of us will do it but in exchange for containing our purchases and using free applications.

Still I have a complaint for developers who are making applications for the iPad, in two words most of the applications are: “expensive and are, at the moment, not very well made”. The ideas are good but you can see that a large mass of users have not yet come to try them out, almost all of them have bugs or hang up or lack functions, not to mention that some of them are completely unreasonable in price.

We are in front of a “big” device but not in front of any computer and although I believe that any developer has the right to sell something of his at the price he considers, any application that exceeds 10 euros seems to me excessive in all senses no matter what its task is.


The conclusion is simple, could you work from the iPhone comfortably? Well, from the iPad you can do it exactly the same way but with greater comfort thanks to its dimensions. But the tools are basically the same, so if you don’t think that the iPad will give you something that the iPhone doesn’t.

But at this point, I’m sure you’re all thinking about it but you don’t want to say it, go ahead, don’t cut yourself off for having spent at least 500 euros on a… big iPod touch. That’s right, all those people who said that the iPad was a big iPod touch (or iPhone, depending on the model) are and were absolutely right.

But is that bad? Not at all, the iPhone OS was frankly an interesting system and in the next few weeks it will be even more so, the iPad is much more comfortable to use than any other iPhone OS on the market and its almost 10 inch screen gives it its reason for being. It’s the same, but at the same time it has nothing to do with it. Safari is the same, it works the same, but it’s much more comfortable to use. Mail is the same, but at the same time it is much more useful… 10 inches is a lot and the difference with the iPhone is an abyss and its great potential.

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