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iPad 3G data consumption in MB (megabytes)

Our friends at iLounge have been testing the iPad’s 3G data connection, providing some interesting data on consumption in megabytes.

This information can be very helpful for all those who, in a few weeks, will have to choose a data plan for their iPad 3G :

  • Upload a Facebook page, (without clicking or switching to another page): 0.4 MB
  • Use the Tweerdeck application to automatically check three different accounts: 1.1 MB
  • Use the Maps application to find an address and display the first 3 zoom levels: 7.2 MB
  • Send an email with 4 photos attached or a short video: 4.9 MB to 5.5 MB
  • View 30 second video preview in iTunes: 5 MB
  • Watch a 5 minute video on YouTube: 10 MB
  • Download from the iPad Store: 20 MB (maximum)
  • View 3 minute Avatar trailer from iTunes Store: 40MB
iPad 3G data consumption in MB (megabytes)
iPad 3G data consumption in MB (megabytes)

The test was conducted in the US with an AT&T data plan. However, the results will be identical in the rest of the world .

As you can see, at iLounge they have tested the consumption of the iPad 3G with everyday applications. Which plan best suits your needs?