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iPad 3 Features

iPad 3 , Precios del iPad 3 en España

If all goes well, Apple’s new iPad 3 will arrive on the market, following the Apple tradition, between March and April 2012 and, almost certainly, these will be its features. Retina Display to power!

Possible iPad 3 Features

iPad 3 Features
iPad 3 Features

Cupertino’s new iPad 3 is the third version of the world’s best-selling tablet: the iPad. According to all the rumors to date, these are some of the possible features that the new Apple tablet will include:

  • Apple A6 processor: More performance and less power.
  • Retina Display with 2048×1536 pixels resolution and AMOLED technology.
  • Better cameras, both rear and front, with LED flash. One of the biggest drawbacks of iPad 2 is the poor quality of the cameras it comes with.
  • 1 GB of RAM that would match very well with the new A6 and the Retina Display. Just double the memory of the iPad 2.
  • Same storage capacities as previous models: 16, 32 and 64GB
  • Magsafe connector like the ones in MacBook Pro.
  • Lighter and longer lasting battery.
  • Thinner, more rounded design.

There has also been a lot of talk about a 3D screen or a USB port , but since iPad we dare say that neither of these two features will be present in the new iPad 3 .

Now all that remains is for Apple to confirm or disprove all the rumours circulating about the possible features of the iPad 3 . Because, as we always say, these are just rumors…

Do you think there are any features missing? What would you put in the iPad 3 to make it the perfect tablet? Tell us in the comments!

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