iPad 2 GPU out in the open, beating the competition

On Thursday we showed you the first speed comparisons between the iPad 2, its predecessor and the iPhone 4 in which the speed jump of the new A5 chip for the Apple tablet was confirmed. Now, after the people at iFixit have done their traditional disassembly and the processor experts have subjected it to an extensive battery of tests, we have all the answers .

As mentioned earlier, iPad 2 has 512Mb of RAM (twice as much as the original iPad) and a 200MHz bus (twice as much as all previous iOS devices), although the dual-core processor on the A5 chip doesn’t (always) run at 1GHz, but actually dynamically adjusts at a speed of around 900MHz, probably to reduce power consumption. As for the graphics chipset, the iPad 2 seems to include a PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, also dual-core, which leaves not only the original iPad but also competing tablets such as the Motorola Xoom.

iPad 2 GPU out in the open, beating the competition
iPad 2 GPU out in the open, beating the competition

Although the new graphics processor has yet to demonstrate those 9x of power that Apple advertises, the truth is that the results obtained in the tests with GLBenchmark are extraordinary: 57.6 frames per second compared to 26.7 fps on the tablet with Tegra 2 (at a slightly higher resolution, though) and 17.6 fps on the first-generation iPad. AnandTech

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iPad 2

(1024 × 768 pixels)Motorola Xoom

(1280 × 800 pixels)iPad

(1024 × 768 pixels)Geometry Performance

Textured triangles29 Million triangles per second15.1 Million triangles per second8.69 Million triangles per secondGeometry Performance

Illuminated triangles19.7 Million triangles per second8.51 Million triangles per second4.08 Million triangles per secondTexture fill rate

890.1 MTexels per second130 MTexels per second179.1 MTexels per secondGLBenchmark 2.0 Egypt

Without Antialiasing44 frames per second11.8 frames per second8.1 frames per secondGLBenchmark 2.0 Egypt

With Antialiasing44.8 frames per secondNot supported GLBenchmark6.4 frames per secondGLBenchmark 2.0 PRO

Without Antialiasing57.6 frames per second26.7 frames per second17.6 frames per secondGLBenchmark 2.0 PRO

With Antialiasing56.8 frames per secondNot supported GLBenchmark13.6 frames per second

After this comparison, does anyone still prefer the Tegra 2 chip over the A5 as some suggested in the comments of previous entries?


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