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Iovine wants to replicate Beyoncé’s launch with others

Jimmy Iovine, CEO of Beats, has been part of the Apple team for a few months now when Cupertino’s company bought the headphone company. We don’t know exactly what he’s been doing during this time, but now it seems that he wants to start making a name for himself and what he’s proposing may bring some very good news to the roof of Apple.

It seems that Iovine is using his close relationship with popular musicians like Nicki Minaj, Pharrell or Gwen Stefani, to make exclusive releases through iTunes as Beyoncé did with her last album.

Iovine wants to replicate Beyoncé’s launch with others
Iovine wants to replicate Beyoncé’s launch with others

Last February, the head of iTunes at Apple, Robert Kondrk, met with executives from different record companies to talk about the potential of exclusive releases through iTunes like the one made by Beyoncé. In these meetings, the executive emphasized the possibilities of sales through the platform and explained to the executives that they could block the sale of individual songs after a period of time to create greater attention for the artists and their music.

The aforementioned album by Beyoncé (who, by the way, had the same name as the artist) marketed through this channel, managed to sell 828,000 copies in just three days . Thanks to this great success, the album quickly became the best-selling album on Apple’s digital platform. The launch was backed by a major promotion within the iTune Store, as well as the support of different social network accounts that gave it even more momentum.

We don’t know if Iovine will be able to convince the artists to make exclusive releases through the iTunes Store or from Beats Music . What can’t be denied is that the Apple platform is a great showcase and a way to reach almost everyone at a very low price and in a very fast way. Will we see more exclusive album releases in 2015?

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