iOS teams’ web browsing share keeps growing


While Android does not stop growing every day with astronomical figures of millions a year, iOS does it more slowly.

iOS teams’ web browsing share keeps growing
iOS teams’ web browsing share keeps growing

The interesting thing about the subject is the use of devices on the Internet. Android, with a much higher market share, has only 33% of the web traffic generated among all devices, while iOS shares the remaining 67%. The figure is particularly affected by tablets, which Apple itself has already mentioned on more than one occasion, where in addition to having a majority of computers, around 60% of devices, web browsing is radically higher, accounting for almost 90% of web traffic in this market niche.

Many people think this is due to the multiple low-end Android devices that are sold at very low prices and usually not associated with any web tariffs. This phenomenon certainly helps to make this figure even more disparate but it is not the main reason for the difference. Tablets are the best example, as they are not associated with any data tariff and although Apple has a greater advantage than Android in market share, it is not excessively large, again we find this disparity although even higher.

Are Apple’s computers better for surfing the Internet? Well, if we stick to what the numbers say, we could say that yes, or at least say that people who have an iOS computer are more inclined to surf the Internet.

By the way, the original conclusion of the company that carried out the analysis is curious, in which they state that it is the manufacturers of Android devices that compete with each other while Apple has a certain position of comfort , this can be summarized in that although a certain number of users jump between platforms, the vast majority of them settle in one and see the change as difficult due to the different investments in services and applications made for one of the platforms.

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