iOS Shortcuts is updated by adding new and interesting features

After the official release of iOS 12.2 on Monday, Apple yesterday wanted to update the Shortcuts application to improve the user experience. Interesting user features have been added such as integration with the native Notes app. Below are all the details of this update which you can download now from the App Store> Updates .

In 2017 Apple made official the purchase of Workflow, an automation application capable of performing workflows. This app, with the launch of iOS 12, became Shortcuts. In this way Apple opened the possibility for users to create shortcuts that can be customized through several steps.

iOS Shortcuts is updated by adding new and interesting features
iOS Shortcuts is updated by adding new and interesting features

This is the note with which Apple presented yesterday the new features of version 2.2 of Shortcuts:

  • Create and access Notes in the shortcuts with the new actions “Create Note”, “Add to Note”, “Search Notes” and “View Note”.
  • Get the numbers from the text with the new action “Get numbers from the entry”.
  • Now, clicking the Library tab will move you to the end of the shortcut list.
  • “Get trip time” now returns more data, including route name, time of arrival and distance.
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

Beyond the typical bug fixes in all updates, we can see how the application finally grants the user the integration with the native Notes application . This way it will be much easier to create shortcuts that are related to this app instead of having to do real puzzles to achieve this integration.

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The truth is that Apple has opened an interesting world with this of the Shortcuts having a gallery inside the application with which to find and share the shortcuts. The fact that the integration with Siri is so good makes it very convenient to perform actions using voice commands as well. However, the application is not very intuitive when creating our own shortcuts and that can be a problem for the average user.

We also remind you that we recently published a series of shortcuts used by the members of La Manzana Mordida. These can be very useful for your daily life. You can see it by clicking here and we encourage you to leave your favorite shortcuts in the comments.

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