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iOS Outperforms Android in Online Shopping and Traffic on Christmas Day

The IBM Digital Analytics Benchmarks group has released the results of the online traffic and sales of December 25th and it has been seen, that once again, iOS beats Android. They also added that sales from mobile devices grew 40% over last year, with 29% of sales made from mobile.

According to IBM, online sales grew this year compared to last year, with the majority of sales being made online. Regarding the platform where they were made, iOS represented 23% of all online purchases and Android only 4.6% of the total.

iOS Outperforms Android in Online Shopping and Traffic on Christmas Day
iOS Outperforms Android in Online Shopping and Traffic on Christmas Day

This means that users of the Apple operating system, when they go shopping, spend more than Android users. In fact, shoppers with Apple devices spent an average of $93.94, compared to an average of $48.10 for shoppers with the Google operating system.

In terms of mobile traffic, iOS users also outpaced Android users on Christmas Day. The traffic of the former was around 32.6%, compared to 1.8% for the latter.

Sales in tablets also increased, but cannot be compared to those in smartphones

Tablets, which are becoming more and more widespread, also increased their sales compared to last year. Online purchases made with them represented 19.4% of the total on December 25. Users of these devices paid an average of $95.61 on this holiday.

Tablets have been the mobile devices from which consumers have bought the most, but smartphones take the prize for the amount of traffic generated. The latter may be largely due to the fact that more consumers have smartphones than tablets.

It is not the first time that iOS has more sales volume than Android

This is not the first report published by IBM in which the majority of sales are made with iOS-enabled devices rather than Android devices.

First on American Thanksgiving Day, purchases made with iPhone and iPad eclipsed purchases made from other Android handsets. In fact, 24% of total purchases were made through devices on the block.

But when it was most noticeable that iOS users are more active than Android users, it was on Black Friday. At that time, the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark group published that the iPad and iPhone accounted for 82% of purchases made from mobile devices.

Gradually, it’s being confirmed that iOS users are more active, being more likely to make purchases when they have their device in their hands, as they count in iPhone Hacks.

And you, what do you buy with your iPad and your iPhone?

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