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iOS Ends 2011 With 52% of Mobile Internet Traffic

Apple’s mobile operating system has ended the year 2011 with yet another display of power in the field of internet browsing from mobile devices. Thus, joining the iPhone, iPad and iPod quotas, we can say that iOS accounts for 52.1% of mobile devices accessing the web .

Thus, Apple has positioned itself in the list in 2011 with more than half of the quota. Java ME comes second with 21.3% of the total, although it shows a downward trend. Android is in third place, reaching 16.2% of total mobile devices accessing the Internet.

iOS Ends 2011 With 52% of Mobile Internet Traffic
iOS Ends 2011 With 52% of Mobile Internet Traffic

These figures are courtesy of Net Applications, and show how iOS is actually losing share compared to November (54%) and October (61.5%). However, December hasn’t been the worst month of the year for Apple, as it started 2011 with less than 50% share.

When we divide the iOS results between iPhone and iPad , the result is that the Apple tablet is the second most used mobile device for accessing the internet (24.5%), just behind the apple smartphone (25.2%). At the moment they are practically equal and it would not be surprising if the iPad were to be the first in the coming months, especially after the arrival of iPad 3.

Apple’s dominance in the mobile market should not surprise anyone. The iPhone continues to sell like hot cakes, and no manufacturer has managed to put a competitor on the market that can come close to the success of the iPad and iPad 2.

Amazon is perhaps the closest to a competitor that Apple has in the tablet field right now . During the next year we will see an interesting confrontation between the proposals of both information giants. Everything depends on how Amazon exploits the virtues of its brand new Kindle Fire. The first reports indicate that Amazon is meeting its expectations with sales, being the tablet outside the apple company that is having most success among consumers.

Therefore, it remains to be seen whether Apple will manage to maintain its 52% share of mobile internet browsing during 2012. It is clear that will be a very interesting year in terms of new features , both in software and hardware. The competition is going to be increasingly tough for iOS, although it remains strong for now.

What do you think? Will the next 12 months see the end of Apple’s hegemony in the tablet market, or will the imminent release of the iPad 3 catapult its results even further away from its pursuers?

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