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iOS 9 Reveals iPad Pro Could Be a Very Powerful Tablet

When Apple unveiled iOS 9 at WWDC 2015 in early June, we told you about a number of features in the new version of the operating system that gave a glimpse of the iPad Pro. This time, we bring you some key data from iOS 9 that reveals that the iPad Pro could be a very powerful productivity-focused tablet .

Over the past few weeks, some pretty interesting rumors have been surfacing about the iPad Pro. For example, in the OS X registration data. The Captain in Europe Apple also included tablets among the supported devices, which leads us to think that the iPad Pro could have it in addition to iOS 9.

iOS 9 Reveals iPad Pro Could Be a Very Powerful Tablet
iOS 9 Reveals iPad Pro Could Be a Very Powerful Tablet

On the other hand, everything seems to point to the iPad Pro coming to market next November, a date that has a good chance of being real if we take into account previous releases of other iPad models. But let’s not delay any longer and let’s see what hints iOS 9 gives about the iPad Pro . Let’s go there!

The first rumors about Apple launching a tablet with a 12.9-inch screen date back to 2013. Since then, Apple has never talked about it or confirmed the existence of the iPad Pro, although everything seems to point to 2015 being the year when it finally sees the light , especially if we consider that iOS 9 has some features and functions that would be fully compatible with this tablet.

iOS 9 features support for a new smaller virtual keyboard for a larger screen with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels and the same density of 264ppp as other iPad Retinas. In terms of design, it seems that it will maintain more or less the same look as current models with a thin bezel and without many new elements.

Other features expected on the iPad Pro are stereo speakers at the top and bottom edges, a Bluetooth stylus and possibly a USB-C connector.

The iPad Pro is being touted as the perfect device for the business world and for people whose work is related to creativity, such as graphic designers for example. Considering the features of iOS 9 Beta 4 K. Stewart, an Apple expert from RedShark, has noticed some rather interesting hints about iOS 9.

Real multitasking on split screen

This feature that Apple device users have long been clamoring for will finally become a reality in iOS 9 with the iPad Air 2 and future tablet models. This feature would be very useful on the iPad Pro, as its 12.9-inch screen could be greatly enhanced by being able to run and use two applications at the same time .

Second screen support

The iPad is a perfect device to work as a second screen . Thanks to AirPlay with Apple TV or using an adapter cable it is possible to use the iPad to connect to a television to enjoy movies or play games at a larger size, as well as to show presentations or notes at work.

The iPad Pro will have a larger screen, specifically 12.9 inches, which is comparable to that of a laptop. Connecting a mobile device to an iPad Pro the change in size is quite significant , but for the moment there are no signs that this will be possible.

Common frames

iWork and iLife packages made up of Apple applications were adapted from OS X to work on iOS devices as well. The new resurgence in Mac sales has put an end to rumors that OS X was being replaced by iOS, but Apple is still working on a framework strategy for file sharing between the two operating systems with iOS 9.

From RedShark they say that iOS 9 will not make the iPad exciting again. What it does do, however, is make it interesting, especially in the face of the iPad Pro, which is expected to have a big impact within the business and professional arena .

Do you think we’ll see the iPad Pro this year?

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