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iOS 9 is already being tested by Apple engineers

Apple is a company of habits that likes to repeat the strategies that work for it, and it seems that this year it will not change the one it applies to iOS. According to PhoneArena, Apple is already testing iOS 9 and this is reflected in the Google Analytics records of the mobile website.

At the moment it is too early to know what new features this new version of the operating system might include. The only thing we know is that in Cupertino is already being tested and that we will probably have its presentation during WWDC 15 , that is during the month of June. It will probably be at that time that Apple will release the first beta for developers, but it won’t be until September that the final version will reach our devices, probably with the next generation of iPhone.

iOS 9 is already being tested by Apple engineers
iOS 9 is already being tested by Apple engineers

iOS started a process of change with its version 7. In this version Jony Ive took control of the company’s interface design and the operating system changed from skeumorphism to minimalism. A deep change that pleased and displeased many others. With iOS 8, the current version, Apple focused on technical improvements and new features: Continuity, widgets, sharing improvements, extensions, third party keyboards, etc, etc… With iOS 9 we don’t know yet what they will focus on , but we just hope they will give it the push it needs and get back to being one of the top operating systems, as they are currently lagging behind; especially if we think about the iPad, the company’s tablets.

Apple still has a few months to improve and polish the operating system. They certainly need the time, and the software engineers are probably working like crazy to bring us a great new version of iOS.

What do you expect iOS 9 to include? Are you missing any particular feature or do you just want to see changes and new features whatever they are? For our part, we’d love to see improvements like the ones we discussed in this OS concept, wouldn’t that be great?

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