iOS 9 Features that Point to a Future iPad Pro

Although Apple did not make any hardware announcements during the inaugural WWDC 2015 Keynote, there are several new features introduced in iOS 9 that make it seem like they are working on a larger device. We are talking about the iPad Pro, the 12.9-inch tablet that has been the subject of so many rumours on the web in recent months, although Apple has yet to confirm its existence. Today we will see which features of iOS 9 let us see the possibility of Apple launching that iPad Pro .

Not long ago, we at iPadizate made a compilation of some of the features that the iPad Pro is rumored to have. Among other things, it’s believed to have a 12.9-inch screen, NFC technology and even a stylus .

iOS 9 split-screen multitasking, a key feature for the iPad Pro

iOS 9 Features that Point to a Future iPad Pro
iOS 9 Features that Point to a Future iPad Pro

The main feature of iOS 9 that has triggered alarms about the possible arrival of an iPad Pro is real split-screen multitasking . This feature has been highly demanded by users for a long time, but it was not until now that Apple decided to include it in iOS 9 for the iPad.

During the WWDC 2015 Keynote, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, demonstrated how multitasking works in iOS 9 and how users will be able to run two applications and interact with them simultaneously . This feature, along with improved hardware support and an enhanced QuickType keyboard, suggests that the company is ready to launch iPad Pro.

Some competitive tablets have long had simultaneous multitasking, but Apple has been reluctant to incorporate it into its operating system until now with iOS 9. The ability to run two applications at the same time can save users a lot of time , as they won’t have to access multitasking from the Home button to switch between the two apps.

iOS 9 multitasking will be available for all supported iPad models, but it is inevitable to think that this feature makes much more sense on an iPad Pro . Rumor has it that it will have a 12.9-inch screen, so there would be more room to see two things at once than on a 9.7 or 7.9-inch screen.

In addition, Federighi showed that in iOS 9 multitasking you can change the size of the windows . Thus, each application can take up 50% of the iPad’s screen, or if you prefer you can vary that proportion so that one of them has a higher percentage of screen.

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Other iOS 9 features that target the iPad Pro

On the other hand, from TechRadar they comment that another of the features of iOS 9 announced by Apple is a better support for physical keyboards . Both the iPad and the iPad mini allow the use of third-party keyboards, but a new hardware keyboard for the iPad Pro could turn the tablet into a whole lightweight productivity center.

Now connecting a physical keyboard to the iPad is easier than ever. In addition, iOS 9 will support the use of keyboard shortcuts to speed up text entry , copy, paste, bold, italics and more.

The iPad’s current market share is being cannibalized by iPhone 6 sales, so a productivity-focused iPad Pro with a keyboard dock could help Apple boost sales of its tablet . On the other hand, it would allow Cupertino to capitalize on the growing interest in two-in-one devices at a time when the tablet market is declining.

In addition, security has been enhanced in iOS 9 including two-step authentication in iCloud and improved battery life , key features for business users who need to protect their data and have a device that can last all day without being connected to the light.

As you can see, there are several features introduced in iOS 9 that have set the stage for the market introduction of the iPad Pro . Will Apple be introducing this tablet with a 12.9-inch screen this fall?

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