iOS 9 Brings You Numerous News in Mail, Siri and More

In addition to the main features, as with every new version of the operating system, Apple has made a number of adjustments to existing applications and functions in iOS 9 . These days we have been talking about the new features of iOS 9, but today we will focus on the changes and improvements made to the existing applications and services.

On the other hand, there are a number of details and features of iOS 9 that Apple did not talk about at the WWDC 2015 launch. However, little by little new things are being discovered.

iOS 9 Brings You Numerous News in Mail, Siri and More
iOS 9 Brings You Numerous News in Mail, Siri and More

Among other things, it has been discovered that in iOS 9 has added the possibility of changing the function of the iPhone’s side switch so that instead of activating the mute mode, the screen orientation is blocked. In addition, improvements have been made to make podcast playback easier and a new search function has been added to documents, among other things.


In iOS 9 the dialog that allows users to add contacts that have been automatically discovered and calendar events have been redesigned to be smaller. On the other hand, with iOS 9 users will be able to add attachments to messages in the same way that they add pictures.


As far as podcasts are concerned, it should be noted that in iOS 9 they can now send notifications, in addition those that have not been played will have their own section within the Podcasts app . More advanced and clearer options for downloading and updating podcast subscriptions have also been included within the Settings app.

Siri and Spotlight

These two services have been significantly improved in iOS 9. Firstly, Siri will be 40% faster and more accurate than in previous versions, and users will be able to configure which account Siri will use when creating notes from Settings – Notes . In addition, Spotlight can now search within applications and documents in iOS 9.


In iOS 9 the Music application has also undergone some changes, e.g. the shake function for changing songs has been removed . Users will be able to change the album organization settings, adjust the EQ, set a limit for the volume, or start Sound Check. On the other hand, in iOS 9 iTunes Match is under “iCloud Music Library”.

Other news and changes in iOS 9

As we mentioned at the beginning, thanks to the guys at AppleInsider we have been able to learn that with iOS 9 an option has been added that allows users to change the function of the iPhone’s side switch so that it blocks the rotation of the screen instead of going silent. This is set in going to Settings – General .

On the other hand, iOS 9 has the expected search bar within the Settings menu . So users can search within the application for the option they want without having to go through the menus. Finally, iOS 9 also includes the possibility to disable the shake to undo option in Settings – General – Accessibility.

As you can see, Apple has made numerous changes to its existing applications and services in iOS 9 . They are constantly working to improve and offer a better experience to users.

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