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iOS 9 breaks records and is already on 71% of the teams

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Fragmentation? Not on Apple mobile devices. If you remember, iOS 9 was launched last September, just a few months ago, and is already present in 71% of the iOS device installed base , a considerable growth from the last measurement. In short, the bulk of the equipment. This data has not been obtained from studies or approximations, but rather has been provided by Apple and has a good way of measuring it): downloading applications from the App Store.

iOS 9 breaks records and is already on 71% of the teams
iOS 9 breaks records and is already on 71% of the teams

This means that every time a user downloads or updates an application from the iOS store, the system analyzes from which version of the platform he is doing it and this data is recorded so that later the firm can wear it with pride. And pride is not a free mention: Marshmallow, the latest version of Android, was released a month after iOS 9, and barely reaches 1% adoption rate . Fragmentation is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems facing an app store, and by extension, developers.

But with such a massive follow up to this new iOS version, you have to look at what happens to the redoubt that has been left behind and has decided not to update . Cupertino’s firm explains that 21% are still anchored in iOS 8, but even more surprising is to know that there is a group of irreducible people who are numerically resistant in what Apple calls “previous versions” of the platform. A tailor’s box with a mixture of all of them.

The question now is to know at what rate the adoption of iOS 9 will grow from this point on. In this sense, it is expected that after a Christmas campaign that the apple firm promises to be happy, the platform will debut the year with 80% of users already in the latest version of iOS.


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