iOS 9 Adoption Reaches 50% of Devices

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Apple has confirmed some details about the market launch of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices. This is something we already knew, the new smartphones with iOS 9 will go on sale on Friday 25th September from 8 am.

iOS 9 Adoption Reaches 50% of Devices
iOS 9 Adoption Reaches 50% of Devices

According to some Apple representatives, customer response has been incredibly positive , although the company has yet to process a large number of bookings to collect more marketing data and statistics.

Additionally, Apple has also announced that iOS 9 has had the highest adoption rate of any iOS version at this point, with almost 50% of devices currently using the new mobile OS .

One of the main reasons for these numbers is due to the great new features and innovations offered by iOS 9, which have undoubtedly greatly improved the experience, usability and productivity of our iPhone and iPad.

This is extremely enlightening, but it has not really surprised any analyst or researcher, as within 24 hours of the launch of iOS 9, an adoption rate of 12% has already been achieved.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s Vice President of Marketing, wanted to share a few words regarding the adoption of the new iOS 9:

Apple calculates these statistics by analyzing visits to the App Store from the iPhone and iPad. However, according to some analysts who rely on web visits , the adoption rate of iOS 9 is around 30% .

In any case, these statistics will be significantly increased with the arrival of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, as well as the launch of the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini 4.

If any of you are part of the other 50% who have not yet updated the software on their iPhone or iPad we invite you to install iOS 9, as long as your device does not lose power and fluidity.

Finally, let’s recall some of the main new features of iOS 9: real multitasking, Live Photos, background videos, an improved Notification Center, renewed applications, proactive Siri, text tools in Quicktype… and much more!

What is your favorite iOS 9 news?

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