iOS 9.3 is rendering second generation iPads unusable

Last Monday the latest version of iOS was officially released, being available for download from that same night. As you may have read in these days, this new update has brought many features, highlighting above all the usefulness of Night Shift and the possibility to protect your notes with a password.

Well, it seems that the release of iOS 9.3, full of new features, is not going well for some iPad users, leaving their device as a nice and expensive paperweight.

iOS 9.3 is rendering second generation iPads unusable
iOS 9.3 is rendering second generation iPads unusable

In these days after the update, an undetermined number of iPad owners, mainly those with second-generation models, are having trouble installing and activating the latest version of iOS, leaving their terminals completely unusable.

According to messages sent through Apple’s support forum and the company’s official Twitter, are having problems at the time of activation and authentication, an error message is appearing, preventing the update from finishing installing.

This error suggests a server crash, due to the high number of download requests Apple is receiving, which is quite normal when releasing new versions of software , although many users still have not been able to complete their update after 24 hours.

Some users have been able to solve this problem by downloading the update through iTunes from their Mac or PC, installing this version using the USB connection, however other users have not been successful with this same action leaving their iPad half updated.

Another method that users are using is a full device restore. However, if you are in this situation and are thinking about doing a full restore, we recommend that you back up first, either on your computer or in iCloud, because after doing the restore you will lose all your data.

Finally, other users have gone to their nearest Apple Store to try to get help with this issue, but have not been able to provide a solution. We can only wait for Apple to make a statement, as they have not yet done so. We will keep an eye out for possible solutions as they emerge and hope that it will not take long for Apple to find a solution.

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