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iOS 9.3.4 now available to everyone

Por qué razones (y por cuales no) deberías instalar la beta de iOS 10 y macOS Sierra

Apple has released the stable version of iOS 9.3.4 for everyone, which can now be downloaded completely free of charge from the software update section within the settings of all iOS 9 compatible devices.

iOS 9.3.4 now available to everyone
iOS 9.3.4 now available to everyone

Yes, this is a typical minor update to iOS 9.3 with stability and security improvements, although this time Apple has issued a warning that this new version has an important security patch that makes its installation especially recommended to everyone.

From the source they have confirmed that iOS 9.3.4 manages to block Pangu’s jailbreak , so this must be the important security update (remember that where a jailbreak fits there may also be some other malware with worse intentions beyond allowing the installation of unofficial applications).

This is probably the last stable update we will have from iOS 9 as Apple is fully engaged in the development of iOS 10 with new beta releases every two weeks or so. September can’t come soon enough, right?

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