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iOS 9.3.1 prevents video downloads

As you may have read during these days, the iOS 9.3 update brought with it problems when opening links from Safari or Chrome. Since then and after recognizing these errors, Apple started working on iOS 9.3.1 to correct this bug.

Well, once this new update is released, the error in the links has disappeared, but a new one has appeared. According to reports from some users, this new update is causing problems when sending WhatssAp videos.

iOS 9.3.1 prevents video downloadsiOS 9.3.1 prevents video downloads

We’ve heard that some users are having trouble sharing videos via WhatsApp between iPhone handsets with iOS version 9.3.1 installed. This happens when you send a video from the photo gallery application, however if you share it from the WhatsApp application there is no problem.

It seems that this problem only affects users with the same version of software , as no cases have appeared in previous versions of iOS so far. Also, it does not affect the sharing of videos between iOS users and Android users, so it seems to be an update issue for Apple.

In our case, we have been able to check that everything is going well as long as you send the file from within the WhatsApp application. Below we show you some screenshots of what the video receiver would see, remembering that it only happens if you select the video from the photo application:

As you can see, this error shows us a pop-up window in which indicates that the video could not be downloaded, also invites us to disconnect the Wi-Fi or data connection, as well as suggesting that we connect to another Wi-Fi network. The message that appears says: “Could not download video. Turn off Wi-Fi or VPN, or connect to another Wi-Fi network.

The error works this way: when the receiver of the message touches the video to download it, the window with the previous message appears, preventing us from downloading the video. If we listen to your instructions, the error is not solved so we can check that it is not an error in our network.

As mentioned above, the problem only affects the sending of videos between iOS 9.3.1 users, and that this error occurs at the time of the download of the video by the receiving user.

It seems that WhatsApp is not doing well with these updates, that is two problems with two different versions. Also Apple should take some precautions before releasing these updates, there is no point in fixing a bug if you get another one. So it looks like we will have a new update soon, hopefully it won’t come with new bugs .