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iOS 8 will display The Weather Channel’s weather information

Yahoo will no longer be the “weatherman” in iOS 8

We continue to learn details of some of the changes that iOS 8 will undergo and have learned that one of them will be the change of climate provider by Apple. We all know that some time ago the one in charge of providing us with the climate information in our devices was Yahoo, but that is about to change with the arrival of iOS 8.

The company The Weather Channel has joined the “game” and will be the one to offer us the weather information when iOS 8 reaches all users . Although ironically the weather data that Yahoo has been providing to Apple, in fact, comes from The Weather Channel. Yahoo took that data and included it in their application, and then offered it to Apple. Although that is over:

iOS 8 will display The Weather Channel’s weather information
iOS 8 will display The Weather Channel’s weather information

To convince Apple to make the change and sever its relationship with Yahoo, The Weather Channel has added much more technology and information that is not provided to Yahoo. That includes more specific weather information within the user’s location, a nine-day forecast (versus the current five days), a weather summary, and more.

The agreement with The Weather Channel was already prepared some time ago

It must be said that last April, the relationship between Yahoo and Apple was at its best, since they had managed to become the default search engine in iOS and were working towards being even more present in the devices of the apple , although they never imagined that the negotiation between those of Cupertino and The Weather Channel would be so advanced. The truth is that when they wanted to realize it was already too late and they could not avoid their cessation in the participation of iOS, according to a Yahoo executive.

Not long ago there was talk that Yahoo executives were particularly interested in becoming the default search engine for iOS. However, far from it, and seen with the weather information and its replacement by The Weather Channel, their desires seem to vanish at a stroke as we can read in iMore.

All this has been confirmed thanks to the tests being done with the first iOS 8 betas available to developers . There, it has been clearly seen (as seen in the images) how the weather information is in charge of The Weather Channel, which has undoubtedly taken that position away from Yahoo.

Do you think Apple is right to change its climate information provider? Let us know what you think, we’ll be happy to read it.