iOS 8 Now Has 78% Adoption of Apple Devices

If we follow Apple’s iOS 8 adoption rate in the last two weeks, it seems that the adoption rate has dropped a bit , especially compared to its highest adoption peak over the 2014 Christmas holiday period. But let’s take a brief look at how iOS 8 adoption stands against other versions.

iOS 8 is already on 78% of supported devices

According to Apple’s own figures, provided by the App Store distribution website, iOS 8 is already installed on 78% of supported devices . Growing at only 1% over the past two weeks, adoption of iOS 8 is slowing down from what Apple expected.

iOS 8 Now Has 78% Adoption of Apple Devices
iOS 8 Now Has 78% Adoption of Apple Devices

On the other hand iOS 7 is still available on 20% of the devices and it seems that this figure has been maintained for a couple of weeks now. It seems that many users have still preferred not to make the jump to iOS 8 and we assume that this is due to the number of problems that have arisen with the eighth version of the mobile operating system of the apple. Although many of those bugs have already been fixed with iOS 8.2.

Other earlier versions of iOS represent 2% adoption of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, down one point from the measure provided by the App Store on March 30, 2015.

Apple plans to release the next version of its O.S., iOS .3, in a short period of time. The fourth Beta has already been released and is expected to be the last one, before the official launch for the rest of the users. Perhaps the adoption rate will increase with the release of this new version.

How does Android compare to iOS?

It is worth checking out the state of adoption of one of the biggest competitors of the iOS system, which has always had the problem of fragmentation and which can be seen in the usage data.

Google still has a serious problem of fragmentation and is shown that only 3.3% of Android devices have the latest version Lollipop in your system and that a year ago from the launch of this new version and earlier this year Lollipop was only 0.1% of compatible devices.

The vast majority of devices still use Android KitKat, with 40.9% of the adoption rate , followed by a large percentage of different versions of Jelly Bean, a version we learned a few months ago had serious security issues. It should also be noted that the new Play Store requires Android 2.2 or higher, so devices with a lower version are not counted in the data.

While Android still has the same fragmentation problem that it has always had and which seems to still not worry Google, iOS 8 has been very well received, partly thanks to the great success of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus . We have learned this thanks to iDownloadBlog.

What version of iOS do you have installed on your Apple device? You can leave the answer in the comments.

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