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iOS 8 interactive notifications arrive at Telegram

Despite the fact that it has been more than 4 months since Apple launched iOS 8, most of the applications do not take advantage of its full potential. Interactive notifications, extensions, Contuinity, many were the new features that Apple introduced in this version of iOS and few developers have taken full advantage of them. Telegram is one of the messaging clients with the highest update rate, and today has taken the opportunity to update its application for iOS including interactive notifications and extension from Photos among other new features.

The interactive notifications are, without a doubt, the most striking, and expected, feature of this update. And I say expected because until now few applications have integrated them so they are almost complete unknown to most users. Being able to respond directly from the notification itself or to mute the conversation temporarily for one or eight hours or two days is what this update offers.

iOS 8 interactive notifications arrive at Telegram
iOS 8 interactive notifications arrive at Telegram

The arrival of the extensions is also to be welcomed . Until now we could mitigate their absence with applications such as Workflow that allowed us to do the same function but without a doubt doing it natively, without having to resort to third parties, it’s much faster and easier. Searches within conversations have been improved, being able to search chats and conversations as well as users from the search bar at the top of the screen.

In addition to these there are other minor new features such as the ability to block a user directly from their profile or the organization of shared media files into one conversation per month. Typical bug fixes are also present fixing various problems with voice memos and secret chats. Telegram will not be the most widely used messaging client but its developers are working harder than others to improve and offer a better and different service. Take note of WhatsApp .

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