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iOS 8 informs us about the battery consumption

Since the original iPhone was announced in 2007 one of the things that has always limited us most has been its autonomy. With the arrival of the new iPhone 6 and in particular the iPhone 6 Plus it seems that Apple has taken the initiative and given these terminals a very generous 1810 and 2915 mAh respectively.

Now in addition to terminals whose batteries have grown significantly we also have the implementation of iOS 8, and it is that optimization of the operating system for Apple has always been a priority, as they have shown us.

iOS 8 informs us about the battery consumption
iOS 8 informs us about the battery consumption

But iOS 8 not only optimizes our battery, also provides us with a new tool that allows us to know what the use of the battery is for and therefore to know which application(s) are the most wasteful on a daily basis.

To do this, go to Settings> General> Usage and you will find the new option “Battery Usage” where you will see a list of applications ordered according to their cost, with the exact percentage indicated next to it. You can see the applications that have consumed the most in the last 24 hours or during the last week.

In addition to the applications Apple also includes the use of home screen or blocking as well as the percentage used to back up iCloud or system updates. It will also show us the usage or standby time since the last full load.

And this is one more of all the new features of iOS 8 that we already told you about.

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