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iOS 8 Features We’d Like to See

WWDC14: Compilation of various features that users want for iOS 8

We are just three days away from the start of WWDC14 , Apple’s global developer conference that brings more people together every year at the Moscone Center. On the first day, the inaugural Keynote by Tim Cook will take place, in which they are expected to release data on iOS8 and OS X 10.10.

Last year everyone was looking forward to seeing the great redesign of iOS, but this time we don’t expect a deep change in the system design , but rather an improvement of what we already have. There are many features and functions that have been rumored to accompany iOS 8, so today we bring you a list of the most interesting ones.

iOS 8 Features We’d Like to See
iOS 8 Features We’d Like to See

At the moment there are none of these characteristics confirmed but we will surely get out of it on Monday. Some are bigger changes and some are smaller, but undoubtedly the combination of all of them would make iOS 8 a really interesting version capable of offering an incredible user experience.

Battery Shaming, Interactive Notifications or Unified AirDrop in iOS 8

Among the features that many Apple users and followers would like to see in the new version of the operating system we find the option to have unlimited free storage in iCloud to make backups of all iOS devices we have.

On the other hand, a great advance would be to make the communication between the applications much more fluid , for example, at the time of putting the password of our mail if we have it saved in an application like 1Password, to avoid having to leave our mail manager to access this app, copy the password and return again to where we were.

Another very interesting feature would be the interactive notifications, thanks to which we could answer a message or turn off the alarm directly from the notification without leaving what we are doing. An intelligent and improved Spotlight search engine, a combination of and DocumentPicker to improve file management between iPad and iPhone, a unified AirDrop or the Battery Shaming feature would be other improvements that the Apple guys could include in iOS 8.

Other very interesting features for iOS 8

But that’s not all, as the concepts and rumours about iOS 8 have left us with other very interesting functions that could be very useful, such as a customizable control center to be able to change the functions quickly according to our needs, something that users miss very much.

On the other hand, we could include a kind of Privacy Sheets that would unify all the permissions that sometimes an application asks us when we install it and open it for the first time.

Other features that stand out from iMore include iTunes for iCloud, iTunes Extras for Apple TV , the ability to print PDFs from AirPrint iOS, and a comic book reader mode for iBooks.

Which feature would you most like to see in iOS 8? If your favorite feature for the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system isn’t here, feel free to leave a comment and tell us what it is.


As every year, the WWDC14 can be followed live from iPadizate via the following link:

WWDC14 live

See you on the 2nd!