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iOS 8 beta 4 now available for download and installation

Two weeks have passed since the third beta of the bitten apple company’s new mobile operating system, iOS 8, appeared. This third advance came loaded with corrections and new features such as support for Health for the Apple M7 coprocessor or the incorporation of Handoff into the system settings.

It is today when, as it was already rumored, the Californian company has released iOS 8 beta 4 for all those devices compatible with this new system and, from now on, it can be installed in them. As we test it thoroughly we will see all the new features incorporated in this new beta .

iOS 8 beta 4 now available for download and installationiOS 8 beta 4 now available for download and installation

Although this is a fairly advanced preliminary version it is still an iteration of the system which may not be fully functional , so its use is recommended only for developers and people really interested in testing and helping to fix bugs, as problems such as random reboots and incompatibility with third party applications are common and fatal for those who use their device as a work tool.

The maturity obtained by the system becomes latent at each step. The stability and fluidity characteristic of Apple systems is returning to iOS 8. With each beta release, many bugs are fixed and optimization is much higher, which also affects the battery life , a highly criticized aspect – despite our constant insistence that it is an immature version.

We are almost at the end of July and this means that the release of iOS 8 to the general public is getting closer and will of course be accompanied by the rumored iPhone 6, a device that is set to be one of the most important design modifications seen on the device in recent years. Have you already tested this new iOS 8 beta? What new features could we highlight?