iOS 8.1.3 The Next Week Could Come

In December it became known that Apple might be working on iOS 8.1.3 , a minor update that fixes some bugs found before the release of the major version, iOS 8.2. We now know that Apple plans to release a new iOS 8 update sometime next week and although we cannot confirm if it will be a Beta or a release for all users.

Some data from MacRumors suggests that it is this minor update, as we will tell you below.

Visits reveal this information

iOS 8.1.3 The Next Week Could Come
iOS 8.1.3 The Next Week Could Come

Over the course of the last week, according to MacRumors, they have seen an increase in visits from Apple devices, which identify themselves as iOS 8.1.3 . Three days ago the increase in these types of connections was greater, suggesting a greater number of employees who are testing the version before it is released to the public.

“ visitors arriving via Apple networks from devices with iOS 8.1.3”

Apparently and according to the latest information, was released last January 7th among Apple employees to be tested before it reaches the rest of users. Apple has been involving employees from retail stores to test OS X for years, but it seems that it is the first time that it involves these same employees to test iOS, and it could be the first advance of Cupertino’s employees to improve the stability of iOS and to have it released without errors, as we told you a few days ago.

Apple does not want the same thing to happen again as happened with the first versions of iOS 8. They reached users with serious errors, which even led Cupertino to withdraw the update for a few hours to correct the problems.

iOS 8.1.3 is a minor update

As with the previous update, iOS 8.1.3 will only serve as a bug fix, with a new minor update . As with the previous update, iOS 8.1.3 will be released without a Beta version to precede it, so it will be distributed to Apple’s own employees to find possible bugs before it reaches all users.

iOS 8.2 will still take a while to arrive , but several Betas have already been released and this is not a minor update. In this case it will have important new features, like the SDK WatchKit and will be ready to communicate with the new Apple clock, which will arrive in March according to the latest information.

The latter is a version that introduces significant changes to the system, so it will have a longer trial period, with several Beta versions as has happened in the past with the Apple operating system. Recently they have released the third Beta for developers, which includes new features in the Health function.

We have learned this information thanks to MacRumors, which report that they also receive visits from devices with iOS 8.3 and even with iOS 9, in the same way that they have learned about this version that is about to arrive, possibly this week. We’ll keep you informed of their arrival.

Have you updated to iOS 8.1.2 yet? It’s one of the most stable versions Apple has ever released and you can tell us about your experience with it.

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