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iOS 7 Present on 90% of iPhones and 85% of iPads

The presence of iOS 7 is one of the highest of all iOS versions, will iOS 8 manage to surpass it?

Despite the many differences of opinion that iOS 7 generated when it was introduced, Apple’s revamped mobile operating system has proven to be widely accepted by iPhone and iPad users. Indeed, the latest data before Apple’s unveiling of the new iOS 8 this Monday shows that iOS 7 is present on 90% of iPhones and 85% of iPads .

To recap, the numerous criticisms levelled at Apple’s mobile operating system for its rigidity and virtually non-evolutionary nature since its inception culminated in the introduction of iOS 7 last year. The system featured a completely revamped interface: minimalist, flat colors, empire of white , etc… As usual, iOS 7 fell in love and was equally horrifying. But now, almost a year after its launch, Jony Ive’s bet has proved to be a success.

iOS 7 Present on 90% of iPhones and 85% of iPads
iOS 7 Present on 90% of iPhones and 85% of iPads

According to the latest statistics obtained by the analytics company Chitika, 89.7% of web traffic in North America from an iPhone is done through iOS 7 . For the iPad, the numbers are a little lower but equally significant: 84.8%, having experienced great growth over the last 3 months.

Compared to the last survey conducted in February, we found that at that time the iPhone numbers were 83.3% adopted, while the iPad numbers were 78.5% adopted. This means that iOS 7 has gained 5.4 points and 6.3 points respectively since the last quarter.

iOS 6 managed to slightly exceed iOS 7’s figures for these dates with 92.7%

Despite the large numbers harvested by iOS 7, the figure reached by iOS 6 around the same time was slightly higher, at 92.7%. The iPad, however, experienced a slightly lower adoption rate than iOS 7: 82.9% . One of the explanations for this latter fact is the increase and improvement in the iPad line thanks to the new iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina.

As you remember from AppleInsider, we are only 2 days away from Apple’s launch of the new iOS 8, which is expected to continue the minimalist line inaugurated last year, but at the same time incorporate new features and really new applications such as the rumored Healthbook.

What do you expect from iOS8? Do you think it will be able to surpass the number of iOS 7?


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