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iOS 7 May Help Reduce iPhone and iPad Theft

Apple’s new operating system has introduced new features clearly aimed at improving the security of the device and user information. We are already familiar with Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor through which the device can be unlocked (currently only the iPhone 5s).

But there are also software-level features that are common to all iOS 7-compatible devices that could help significantly reduce iPhone and iPad theft. Of course, we’re talking about the new Activation Lock.

New Activation Lock feature could help reduce iPhone and iPad theft

iOS 7 May Help Reduce iPhone and iPad Theft
iOS 7 May Help Reduce iPhone and iPad Theft

The New York police officers have welcomed this new measure from Apple with open arms because, as they confess, they expect this type of technological development to be a major barrier to thieves and to help reduce the theft of electronic devices.

Not surprisingly, law enforcement officials in several U.S. cities are encouraging iPhone and iPad users to upgrade to iOS 7 to enjoy the new feature .

Some time ago, New York City police officers joined forces to pressure smartphone manufacturers to launch measures to help make their devices more secure. One of the main priorities ” is the search for technical solutions to eliminate the value of stolen smartphones “.

As the New York Attorney General himself acknowledged, ” over 100 smartphones are lost or stolen every minute in the United States and many of those thefts turn violent or deadly “.

With Activation Lock you cannot deactivate “Find my iPhone” or delete device content without knowing the Apple ID

As we have learned, once the Activation Lock feature is active, anyone who finds or steals our iPhone or iPad will not be able to disable the “Find My iPhone” feature or delete all data on the device without first knowing the password for our Apple ID.

As noted in Macworld, authorities in New York and San Francisco reported that more than half of all thefts in their cities were related to the theft of smartphones. More worryingly, the number of deadly encounters resulting from these thefts increased.

Measures such as Activation Lock will help the value of a stolen iPhone or iPad to drop considerably, because if the device cannot be re-activated in any way, it will be difficult to find a way out of the second-hand market.

What do you think about Activation Lock? Do you think it will help reduce theft of iPhone and iPad?

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