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iOS 7 is already present on 18% of all iPads in just 24 hours

When Apple first introduced iOS 7 at the WWDC in June, many doubted the acceptance the new Apple operating system would have among users. As they explained, such a big change on a visual and interface level would set back those older users or those who were already familiar with the old iOS, practically unchanged since its inception.

If you are one of those who were trying to download iOS 7 on Wednesday afternoon, you will have seen how such claims have fallen on deaf ears. The collapse that was generated by trying to download iOS 7 was such that many reported that it took about 5 hours to get the new version.

iOS 7 exceeds the adoption rate recorded by iOS 6 on the iPad in the first 24 hours

iOS 7 is already present on 18% of all iPads in just 24 hours
iOS 7 is already present on 18% of all iPads in just 24 hours

In case there were enough problems, it was also a real odyssey to try to activate the device with Apple’s servers. After endless hours of trying to get the new version, by midnight (Spanish time) almost everyone had the brand new iOS 7.

In view of the facts, it seemed that the adoption rate of this new version of iOS was going to be high, and it has been. According to the Chitika kids, in just 24 hours, iOS 7 was already running on 18% of all iPads on the market.

Is 18% a success for iOS 7? If you consider the millions of iPads distributed around the world, it certainly does. To give you an idea, in the same time frame, iOS 6 achieved 14.8%. Not bad, but less than iOS 7.

The adoption rate grows exponentially with each new version of the operating system released by Apple

Interestingly, during these last years, we have been able to verify an indisputable fact: every time Apple launches a new version of its operating systems, both OS X and iOS, the previous adoption rate is exceeded. How long will this phenomenon continue to be repeated? Will we see it again with iOS 8?

As Padgadget indicates, it remains to be seen if OS X Mavericks will exceed the adoption rate achieved by Mountain Lion, especially since the latter proved to be very high due to the many bugs that OS X Lion had.

We will be keeping an eye on the evolution of iOS 7 over the next few weeks, but things have certainly started off well for Apple with its new tablet and mobile operating system.

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