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iOS 7 implementa el TCP multitrayecto

We are hearing more and more technical terms when it comes to communications, and it seems that with iOS 7 we have come to the multipath TCP (or multipath TCP), a technology that allows a device to use the Wi-Fi connection while using the mobile network, with all the benefits that this brings. This will ensure that the network connection is not interrupted in the event of a Wi-Fi connection failure, as the device will still be able to receive and send data via the 3G or LTE network.

It seems that Apple has included in iOS 7 substantial new data connections . And we are not talking about new hardware or more antennas on their devices. We are talking about multipath TCP (or TCP in English).

iOS 7 implementa el TCP multitrayecto
iOS 7 implementa el TCP multitrayecto

The multipath TCP is a technology that allows a device to transmit data over different connections , such as (in the case of the iPhone) 3G or LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

This new feature was detected by capturing data frames transmitted by iOS while connecting to Apple’s servers for Siri , the company’s voice assistant. This means that the device can maintain the connection with another device despite the failure of one of the connections.

For example, if we are browsing the internet in an area where the Wi-Fi connection is quite weak and is cut off, normally the device must restart the connection and once it is open again reload the content that was being requested.

With this improvement, the devices can stay connected via LTE and Wi-Fi simultaneously , so if (for example) we have a wireless connection failure (suppose we lose the signal or the access point experiences a problem), the LTE connection could continue with the data download without interrupting it, so the user does not even know about this change unless we check the icons and see that the Wi-Fi icon has disappeared and we have the LTE icon instead.

Apple has been the first brand to bet on the implementation of this technology in a commercial software , which also does not require any special hardware. This means that existing devices will also be able to benefit from this advance in software development for mobile devices, and even those that can share the internet with an iPhone.

The main question that one asks in this case is: Will this change affect battery life? Personally on my iPhone I haven’t noticed any difference either in the transition between connections or in consumption, which has been a headache for more than one person in the past. However, we will have to wait a few weeks to see what users say, since as always with these changes we can only wait and see what happens on a daily basis.

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