iOS 7 Features in Spanish Video

Once the hangover of the keynote is over, we can now coldly analyze what has been presented to us, starting with the element that, in my opinion, raised the most expectation: iOS 7. That’s why we’ve prepared a short video review of what we can find, to make a first contact with the new and expected mobile operating system of Cupertino’s.

The keynote has already passed and all the excitement it always raises. We have seen the new features that have been presented and we can say without a doubt that almost all of them have left us impressed . In this article we are going to talk about the one we have been waiting for the longest: the renewal of iOS , the operating system for Apple’s mobile devices.

iOS 7 Features in Spanish Video
iOS 7 Features in Spanish Video

Rather than talk about it, we’re going to show it to you on video , so that you can judge for yourself whether it’s really such a significant change, or just a slight facelift to make users happy. We recorded the video from the OS installation itself, so you can watch it with us . Here is the video:

Although it doesn’t appear in the video, I will tell you that at the moment the system has been installed on the iPhone, the changes are already noticeable . Firstly, we find that the installation screen is different, with the installation progress line being much thinner and subtler. Also the power screen changes, being white with the black apple.

The following configuration screens are also different, but we haven’t recorded them so you can enjoy some surprises when autumn comes and you can download the final version of this iOS so different from what Apple has shown us in the last years. As it is a beta operating system, in order to install it you need a developer account , because if Apple does not “sign” your device the operating system cannot be activated and start working.

If that happens think that there is still no possibility to downgrade iOS 7 to an older version of the system, so you would probably be left with a nice expensive paperweight , at least until the jailbreak experts find a way back to an older system. Also, think of it as just a beta, so from Applesupportphonenumber we don’t recommend that you use it as your main system , as it can give you a lot of errors, and many applications are still not compatible.

In future articles we will show you more extensively some of the new features that have been included in this new version of the Apple operating system. In the meantime, we recommend that you continue with us, because we are going to analyze every detail of what has been presented in this keynote, which has been, for me, a return to what used to be Apple’s keynotes. And you? What did you think of the presentation? Is iOS 7 as you expected? Tell us in the comments!

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