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iOS 7 Could Have Vimeo and Flickr Integration

No one can deny that we are in the age of content creation. Today anyone with a tablet or smartphone can create their own content of all kinds. Whether it’s photos, text, videos, music or anything else.

But besides being in the age of content creation, we are also in an age where we like to share our creations. We love to publish our photos on Twitter, videos on Facebook or texts on a blog. In this sense iOS devices are a great help to do it , but sometimes it is necessary to resort to third party apps to share certain content, especially if we want to share it in a specific site.

iOS 7 Could Have Vimeo and Flickr Integration
iOS 7 Could Have Vimeo and Flickr Integration

This is all the more relevant because of the latest rumour that has emerged around iOS 7. Apparently Apple seems to be testing the integration of its operating system with Vimeo and Flickr . If this rumor is true, hopefully the integration will be similar to the one we already have with Twitter or Facebook. That is, we would simply have to identify ourselves with our accounts in the operating system and it would allow us to publish our content directly from the native apps or from the Notification Center.

Vimeo and Flickr could be integrated into iOS 7 for iPad and iPhone

Considering the latest moves on Flickr (it now offers 1TB of free storage for us to upload our photos and videos) and that Vimeo is used by millions of people looking for a ” more professional ” alternative to Youtube, it would be great news if the rumor of integration were real.

Of course, it is to be expected that the integration of the services with the operating system will also affect third-party apps. The developers could incorporate the integration and allow us to access the accounts we have registered in iOS without having to re-enter the login data . Come on, the same thing that happens with Twitter or Facebook these days.

It would be wonderful if Apple offered this possibility, but at the moment these are just rumors and even if they are doing real tests, this feature could be removed before the final release of iOS 7 as our iMore colleagues point out. Will these new integrations ever see the light of day? Will even more services come to iOS 7? We may have the answer during WWDC.

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